Demolition Boys

The Demolition Boys (Neo Borg in the Japanese version, later known as the Blitzkrieg Boys in the dub of the third season) are a team of Russian characters. In the first Beyblade series, Tala is the captain of the Demolition Boys, and they are controlled by Voltaire (Kai's grandfather) and Boris Balkov. Both own a company named Biovolt. The other members are Ian, Spencer and Bryan (even Kai later on, towards the end of the season). In the Third Season, they reappear (without Ian) and invite Kai to join them. Kai accepts.

All of the Demolition Boys' beyblade launchers are in the shapes of guns.

Tala Ivanov (Yuri Ivanov) (voiced by Chiaki Morita in the Japanese version and Jamie Haydon Devlin in the American version)
Yuri Ivanov
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Tala first appears as a Russian beyblader who seems to be really obsessed with power. He was used as an experiment to connect with his mutated bit beast. Boris and his scientists experimented on Tala in order to upgrade his battling skills and added components and a program into his brain, eventually causing him be more genetically advanced . He loses Voltaire's chance of World domination and his own chance of becoming a World Champion by losing to Tyson.

Personality Tala is easily angered, although he was trained not to show any emotion at all. Tala is a natural born leader with a fiery personality. In the manga he will do anything to win and he is less loyal to Boris.Tala although acts grumpy on the outside is very caring and will protect tradition of beyblading.Tala is also very patriotic for in the manga in vol.4 he said "For mother Russia". Past In the manga in volume 12 the unpublished chapter showed his past.Though the chapter was not published it was shown in Takao Aoki's official website that Tala was friends with Bryan before.His father was out of the army after the cold war in 1999 Tala was at least ten years old when it occurred.He described his father as a proud and brave soldier and loved his mother's cooking.When his father was not in the army he would suffer from alcohol abuse and eventually beat Tala and his mother.There is a reason behind why he likes snow and this incident happened in winter when it was snowing.Eventually his mother left and his drove him to the verge of stealing for food and achohol.While stealing he met Bryan in streets.He met Boris when Bryan and him were caught stealing meat from the butcher's.Boris paid the butcher the money for the stolen meat in exchange for them to be in the Balkov Abbey.

His Relations Tala has relations with very few characters.The relation with Bryan is that of a brother.Tala always saw potential in Kai and although he was not very close with Tyson he was secretly grateful to him for various reasons.

Beyblade His beyblades are Wolborg with the Blizzalog attack, Wolborg 2 with the Botalog attack, Wolborg 3 with the Icy Blizzard attack, Wolborg 4 G with the Novae Rog attack and Wolborg Metal Snow(HMS) with the Snow Meteor attack.

Ian (Ivan Papov) (voiced by Aya Sakaguchi)
Ian Papov
Beyblade character
Japanese name Ivan Papov
Bit-beast Wyborg
Ian (Ivan Papov in the Japanese version) only appears in series one. He is seen as a mischievous and smart-mouthed blader who works for Boris. However in G-Revolution, he stays in Russia due to the fact he loses to Kai in the preliminary rounds. He is still very much a part of the Blitzkrieg Boys team and puts his loyalties into his team mates.
Ian is the shortest member of the Blitzkrieg/Demolition Boys. He has a long nose and wears goggles. He is typically cool and cold, like Kai. He can often be seen with Tala, although the two never really talk much. Ian's eyes are magenta red.
His beyblades are Wyborg with the Wy Crusher attack and Wyborg 2 with the Sand Bind and Dive Bomb attacks.
Spencer (Sergei) (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)
Spencer Petrov
Beyblade character
Japanese name Sergei
Bit-beast Seaborg
Like Tala, Spencer (Sergei in the Japanese version) has been trained from a young age to be a beyblader, he is large in stature, but generally a very quiet person. However, when he speaks in his battles, he speaks volumes. He is known as a competitive player who doesn't like to lose.
Spencer was trained in the Abbey like the other Demolition Boys. He was the only blader physically strong enough to harness the power of Seaborg. He remains loyal to the Blitzkrieg Boys and despises Boris like the rest. In G-Revolution Spencer's blade, Seaborg, is upgraded to the powerful Seaborg 2.
His beyblades are Seaborg with the Voda Impact and Wave Impact attacks and Seaborg 2 with the Stramolyu attack.
Bryan Kuznetsov(Boris Kuznetsov) (voiced by Wasabi Mizuta)
Bryan Kuznetsov
Beyblade character
Japanese name Boris Kuznetsov
Bit-beast Falborg
Bryan is an emotionless blader, ruthless and not restrained to immobilize his opponent to critical point. Bryan is a ruthless blader who was raised at the abbey from a young age. The scientists who trained him worked on turning him into an ultimate fighter. They taught him to attack the blader as well as the blade. After losing in season one, his personality changed. He remained in the Demolition boys team and planned to get revenge on Boris. In Beyblade G-Revolution, he is not as vicious as he was and he only trusts his team mates.
His beyblades are Falborg with the Blitz Bomb attack and Falborg 2 G with the Stroblitz attack.
Boris Balkov (Borcloff)
Boris is a two-faced, cunning, and vile man with a lust for power and money. He has little compassion for failure and will not think twice about disposing of any boy who does not live up to his standards. He is strict but shows small shreds of patience with the stronger and more reliable young men that he favors, such as Tala and Kai. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, and English voiced by Tony Daniels.

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