Deming may refer to:

  • The Deming circle, an iterative management method - plan–do–check–act

In the United States:

  • Deming, Indiana
  • Deming, New Mexico
  • Deming, Washington
  • Deming (surname)
  • Chen Deming
  • Li Deming, founder of the Tangut state
  • Sun Deming, name of Sun Yat-sen
  • W. Edwards Deming
  • David Deming
  • Peter Deming

Famous quotes containing the word deming:

    As deaths have accumulated I have begun to think of life and death as a set of balance scales. When one is young, the scale is heavily tipped toward the living. With the first death, the first consciousness of death, the counter scale begins to fall. Death by death, the scales shift weight until what was unthinkable becomes merely a matter of gravity and the fall into death becomes an easy step.
    —Alison Hawthorne Deming (b. 1946)