Delaware Valley School District - Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement

Delaware Valley School District was ranked 56th out of 498 Pennsylvania school districts in 2012, by the Pittsburgh Business Times. The ranking was based on the last three years of student academic performance on the reading, writing, math and science PSSAs.

  • 2011 - 59th
  • 2010 - 63rd
  • 2009 - 83rd
  • 2008 - 88th
  • 2007 - 109th out of 501 school districts.

In 2011, the Pittsburgh Business Times reported an Overachievers Ranking for 498 Pennsylvania school districts. Delaware Valley School District improved to 58th. In 2010, the district was 92nd. The editor describes the ranking as: "a ranking answers the question - which school districts do better than expectations based upon economics? This rank takes the Honor Roll rank and adds the percentage of students in the district eligible for free and reduced lunch into the formula. A district finishing high on this rank is smashing expectations, and any district above the median point is exceeding expectations."

In 2009, the academic achievement of the students of Delaware Valley School DIstrict was in the 96th percentile among 500 Pennsylvania School Districts. Scale - (0-99; 100 is state best)

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