Del Rey

Del Rey may refer to:


  • Del Rey, California, a census-designated place in Fresno County, California
  • Del Rey, Los Angeles, California, a small district in the west side of Los Angeles
  • Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, a beachside community in Los Angeles, California
  • Del Rey Beach State Recreation Site, a state park in Oregon, USA
  • Isla del Rey, Chile, the largest island in Los Ríos Region of Chile


  • Del Rey (musician) (born 1959), blues singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Judy Lynn del Rey (1943–1986), Lester del Rey's wife and an editor of science fiction in her own right
  • Lester del Rey (1915–1993), author and editor of science fiction
  • Sara Del Rey (born 1980), American professional wrestler
  • Lana Del Rey (born 1986), American singer-songwriter


  • Del Rey Books, a branch of Random House specializing in fantasy and science fiction books, founded by Lester and Judy Lynn del Rey
    • Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Del Rey Books, specializing in manga
  • Ford Del Rey, a Brazilian car (built from 1981 to 1991)