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Deevani was born in the Dominican Republic in 1975 but grew up in Carolina, Puerto Rico. After getting an MBA in Finance, she was asked by her younger brother, Francisco SaldaƱa of Luny Tunes, to work for his company Mas Flow.

Her first husband is from Bangladesh, and through him she discovered the world of Bollywood movies and music. She also studied Hindi and other languages of India. She likes Bhangra music and her musician name means "Crazy Girl". She is now Married to her second husband David Rooney from Irish and Scottish descent. She is the mother of three children from her first marriage and whose identity she zealously protects from the media and the internet.

Deevani is a poliglot she speaks at least 11 languages of which she can read and write 7. She is always trying to learn new languages. She also likes to teach others and is finishing her dissertation as a candidate to earn her PH.D in International Business.

She is no longer an active executive at Mas Flow, in order to dedicate more time to her kids; but she is still supportive of her little brother and continues to write songs for Mas Flow as well as other artists.

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