Deep Throat - Fictional Portrayals

Fictional Portrayals

  • Hal Holbrook portrayed Deep Throat in the film version of All the President's Men where he uttered the catchphrase follow the money.
  • The 1999 comedy movie Dick parodied the events of the Watergate scandal, suggesting that "Deep Throat" was actually two ditzy teenage girls.
  • In Metal Gear Solid an informant who shares the same alias as "Deep Throat" guides Solid Snake through part of the game using his Codec Device. It is hinted that it's the same "Deep Throat" involved in Watergate, however it turns out to be Gray Fox.
  • The X-Files featured an informant who used the name "Deep Throat" to leak information to Agent Mulder in early episodes in a manner similar to the meetings described by Woodward. It is never specifically mentioned whether he was intended to be the same Deep Throat from Watergate.
  • In a 1989 episode of the War of the Worlds television series, the character Quinn (John Colicos), an alien stranded on Earth since the events of the 1953 film of the same name, claimed to have been the actual Deep Throat.
  • In Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Perry White, Lois Lane, and Clark Kent meet with an informant named "Sore Throat", an obvious reference to Deep Throat.
  • The Fairly OddParents film Channel Chasers shows Timmy's parents meeting with Tootie disguised in a hat and coat to cover her face and body. She gives them information revealing that Vicky is evil, under the alias Deep Toot.
  • Hey Arnold!: The Movie had Helga disguising herself and secretly aiding Arnold in trying to save the town, giving herself the alias of "Deep Voice".
  • In The Simpsons episode "Sideshow Bob Roberts", Waylon Smithers played a similar role to Deep Throat when covertly helping the Simpsons children find a way to dethrone the newly-made mayor of Springfield, Sideshow Bob (even paraphrasing one of Deep Throat's statements).
  • In Terry Pratchett's The Truth Gaspode uses the pseudonym 'Deep Bone'.
  • In season one of Alias, Will Tippin informally refers to his suspected CIA informant as Deep Throat.
  • In season three episode one of NewsRadio, radio station owner Jimmy James is asked at a news conference, where he is announcing his candidacy for US President, about being a lobbyist in Washington with close ties to the Nixon White House prior to and during the Watergate affair. To which he replies that he was Deep Throat and when doubted challenged the real Deep Throat to come forward, when no one comes forward he says, "sha, I didn't think so."
  • In the Family Guy episode "Deep Throats", Kermit the Frog uses a similar role to provide evidence of Mayor Adam West's corruption to Brian and Stewie.
  • In an episode of Welcome Back, Kotter, school principal Mr. Woodman takes the name when leaking a scandal concerning the Buchanan High School cafeteria to the school newspaper (for whom the Sweathogs were acting as reporters).

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