David Rosen (business) - SEGA, Ltd.

SEGA, Ltd.

Having already moved his family to Los Angeles and not wanting to return to Japan full time, Rosen declined the opportunity of solely purchasing the Japanese assets of SEGA. In March 1984, Rosen and Hayao Nakayama put together a buyout group led by Isao Okawa and purchased SEGA's Japanese assets. Okawa became Chairman and Nakayama became President of SEGA Ltd. This allowed Rosen to remain in the states while Nakayama was charged with the day to day operations of SEGA's headquarters in Japan.

Rosen agreed to set up SEGA of America and oversee the US & overseas operations, and he became Chairman of SEGA of America which was headquartered in Los Angeles. Rosen remained a Director of the parent company SEGA (Japan) until 1996 and at that time he resigned from both SEGA (Japan) and SEGA of America.

Rosen is currently retired and living in Los Angeles.

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