Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter may refer to:

  • Dan Carter (born 1982), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Daniel Carter (musician) (born 1945), American musician active in New York City
  • Daniel Carter (LDS composer) (born 1955), musical composer in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Daniel Carter (comics), one of three characters with the identity of Supernova in the DC Comics Universe
  • Daniel P. Carter (born 1974), bassist with A
  • Dan Carter (politician) (born 1967), politician from Connecticut
  • Dan T. Carter, American historian

Famous quotes containing the words daniel and/or carter:

    And who, in time, knows whither we may vent
    The treasure of our tongue, to what strange shores
    This gain of our best glory shall be sent,
    T’enrich unknowing nations with our stores?
    What worlds in th’yet unformed Occident
    May come refined with th’accents that are ours?
    —Samuel Daniel (c.1562–1619)

    This is one of the worst speeches I’ve ever seen. No one will listen except the Mobil P.R. man. List what we want to say M arrange items in order of priority M then say them plainly and bluntly.... Hit hard and early. Don’t apologize or evade tough issues.
    —Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)