Damon Porter

Damon Porter first appeared on May 23, 2003, portrayed by Keith Hamilton Cobb. His casting in the role was announced in April 2003. Viewers reportedly accused the soap of using Cobb to fill the void left by Shemar Moore. In May 2005, it was announced that Cobb was to exit, departing onscreen on May 23, 2005.

Character history
Intending to live a life of solitude, chemist Damon Porter found himself going back on his word when he received a phone call from Drucilla Winters in 2003. Dru found out that Damon used to work for Satine Cosmetics, and she managed to bring him to work at her company, Jabot, much to the displeasure of Neil Winters, who tried to get Damon to work at his company, Newman Enterprises. At Jabot, Damon replaced Ashley Abbott, who went on maternity leave. She reluctantly allowed Damon to take her place. Damon was a calm man who refused to get involved in the war between Newman and Jabot, especially after Brad Carlton asked Damon to seduce Phyllis Abbott, the wife of Jabot employee Jack Abbott. Phyllis and Damon were attracted to each other, and they shared a kiss even though Phyllis was married to Jack.

Drucilla was also attracted to Damon, but he did not seem to care for her. She then moved on to Neil Winters, where she found true love. One night, Damon shared a private conversation with Victoria Newman, who poured her heart out to him, only to realize later that Damon was the new chemist for her family's greatest rival. Victoria's family was against their relationship, but Victoria and Damon began to get closer. Damon was also getting close to Vanessa Lerner, his old girlfriend. He traveled to Japan with Vanessa to find a rare orchid that could help Jabot. He found himself sharing the trip with Dru and Neil, who were going to get married, and Jack and Sharon Newman, who went along with the couple. Phyllis broke up with Jack after a fight over the orchid, and she started a relationship with Damon. Vanessa was upset over Damon's relationship with Phyllis, and she decided to give her project to Newman. Damon was fired by Jack after learning about his relationship with Phyllis, but his sister, Ashley Abbott, rehired Damon.

Damon helped Phyllis cope with her problems, but even he wasn't perfect. Phyllis' son, Daniel Romalotti, had just arrived in town. He didn't tolerate Damon, and he preferred to spend his time with Jack. Damon's fights with Daniel helped him open up to Phyllis about his past. Years earlier, Damon's young son, Elias, was murdered by Dominic Hughes with a bullet that was intended for Damon. Since then, Damon had been meditating to find inner peace. The animosity between Damon and Daniel wore off after Damon had saved Daniel and his friend, Kevin Fisher, from a thug named Alex that was blackmailing them.

Phyllis visited Dominic Hughes in prison in hopes of keeping him away from Damon, who was keen on getting revenge one day. Dominic, however, showed up in Genoa City claiming to be a changed man, which even Damon believed, but Phyllis discovered that Dominic was setting up Damon, and she went to confront him. Dominic tried to rape Phyllis, but she was saved by Damon, who was then shot by Dominic. Damon injured Dominic with a sword, and they both ended up in the hospital. Damon's spirit left his body at the hospital, and he reunited with his son, but then he had to go back. Phyllis and Damon were under investigation for a possible murder, and they had to find a way to free themselves. Phyllis even contacted her sworn enemy, Christine Blair, to help them, but Christine accepted only after Daniel asked her to. Dominic managed to get the upper hand on Christine, so Phyllis hired Michael Baldwin to defend her, and both Phyllis and Damon were cleared of all charges. Damon reunited with his ex-wife, Adrienne Markham, and they moved to Atlanta together in 2005.

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