Daisy Lemay

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (born; Daisy Cooper, adoptive name; Susan Lemay) is a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama Guiding Light. The first-born child of Harley Cooper Aitoro and Dylan Shayne Lewis, she was born on-screen in 1987 when Harley was seventeen years old. Her birth mother later gave her up for adoption.

The character has been portrayed by three actresses with Bonnie Dennison most recently playing the role from January 10, 2007 to September 18, 2009. Previously, she was portrayed by Brittany Slattery from August 24 to October 30, 1989, and from March to April 1994, and by Brittany Snow from December 3, 1998 to March 19, 2001.

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