Cypriot National Guard

The Cypriot National Guard (Greek: Εθνική Φρουρά, Ethnikí Frourá; Turkish: Kıbrıs Ulusal Muhafızları), also known as the "Greek Cypriot National Guard" or simply as "National Guard", is the combined arms military force of the Republic of Cyprus. This force consists of Air, Land, Sea and Special Forces elements, and is highly integrated with its first and second line reserves, as well as supporting civilian agencies and paramilitary forces.

Greece currently maintains a garrison in the Republic of Cyprus under the designation ELDYK or Hellenic Forces in Cyprus (Greek: Ελληνικές Δυνάμεις Κύπρου or ΕΛΔΥΚ), but this is not officially part of the Cyprus military and primarily serves as a NATO regimental-level influence for training and support of the National Guard.

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