CX717 - Use For Reversal of Respiratory Depression

Use For Reversal of Respiratory Depression

The relatively poor oral bioavailability and blood–brain barrier penetration of CX-717 ultimately led to Cortex abandoning development of the 800 mg oral formulation of CX-717 for ADHD, although research into its action in the brain continues. However the unexpected discovery of the strong respiratory stimulant effects of the ampakine drugs on the pre-Botzinger complex of the brain has led to continued development of an intravenous formulation of CX-717 for use alongside opioid analgesics, along with an oral formulation of CX-1739, which is around 3-5x more potent than CX-717 and has better oral bioavailability, and is being trialled for treatment of sleep apnoea. Further research has investigated the neurological mechanisms behind the anti-respiratory depressant effects of CX-717, and demonstrated that it can be used in humans alongside opioid drugs to reduce this side effect without affecting analgesia.

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