Curtius (gens) - Other Notable Family Members

Other Notable Family Members

Other members of the Curtia Gens that are remembered by history include:

  • Quintus Curtius, Triunvir for minting coins in 116-115 BC, together with Marcus Iunius Silanus and Cneus Domitius Enobarbus. He had silver coins (denarii) marked with his name, shortened to: "Q CURT".
  • Quintus Curtius, an auctioneer in Abidos, Egypt.
  • Curtius Rufus, Proconsul in Africa, probably father of Quintus Curtius Rufus.
  • Quintus Curtius Rufus, historian, author of the "Histories of Alexander the Great"; he was the first Roman to write about foreign affairs.
  • Gaius Curtius, a famous Roman eques and relative of the Senator Gaius Rabirius.

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