Curtius is a Roman nomen which may refer to:

  • Quintus Curtius Rufus, 1st century CE historian
  • Lacus Curtius, a mysterious hole in the ground in the Roman Forum
  • Curtius (gens)

Curtius may also refer to:

  • Jean Curtius, also known as Jean De Corte and Juan Curcio (1551–1628), a industrialist from Liége
  • Curtius Museum, Jean Curtius's mansion, now a museum
  • Albert Curtz (1600–1671), German astronomer and member of the Society of Jesus
  • Carl Curtius (fl. 1877), mayor of Lübeck
  • Ernest Robert Curtius (1886–1956), German scholar, philologist
  • Ernst Curtius (1814–1896), German archaeologist, historian
  • Georg Curtius (1820–1885), German philologist
  • Jacob Curtius (died 1594), Imperial Pro-Chancellor for Emperor Rudolph II, astronomer, mathematician and instrument maker
  • Janus Henricus Donker Curtius, (1813–1879), the last Dutch chief of Dejima, Japan
  • Julius Curtius (1877–1948), German politician
  • Ludwig Curtius (1874–1954), archaeologist
  • Theodor Curtius (1857–1928), German chemical scientist
  • Curtius (crater), a lunar crater