Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide may refer to:

  • Crimson tide, a type of algae also known as Karenia brevis, see red tide
  • Alabama Crimson Tide, the sports teams of the University of Alabama
  • Crimson Tide (film), a 1995 American thriller
  • Crimson Tide, a cocktail that consists of vodka and pomegranate juice
  • Crimson Tide, a 1995 book by Richard P. Henrick
  • The Crimson Tide, a 1992 gamebook by Paul Mason in the Fighting Fantasy series
  • Crimson tide, a euphemism for menstruation

Famous quotes containing the words crimson and/or tide:

    As the saffron tints and crimson flushes of morn herald the coming day, so the social and political advancement which woman has already gained bears the promise of the rising of the full-orbed sun of emancipation. The result will be not to make home less happy, but society more holy.
    Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825–1911)

    Where have you gone? The tide is over you,
    The turn of midnight water’s over you,
    As Time is over you, and mystery,
    And memory, the flood that does not flow.
    Kenneth Slessor (1901–1971)