Crew Chief

Crew chief may refer to:

  • In the Military, the crew chief is usually the maintainer on an Aircraft or Helicopter.

Description: The Pilot's "Right Hand Person." In charge of aircraft operations on the ground during (if inflight crewchief), before, and after the flight of their aircraft. Responsible for minor maintenance, marshalling, refuel, rearming, scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, launch and recovery operations. Also responsible for mooring, servicing, inspection, cleaning and washing the aircraft, fire guard, flight line safety and armed guard of aircraft, other crewchiefs, and their pilots. Coordinates other shop and specialists for major repairs. Areas Of Expertise: Rotors and propellers, Power Plant, Turbine engines, Hydraulic lines and componenets, Sheet metal, Fabric and canopy, Plastic repair, Ejection seat/ Egress, Flight controls, Electronic / avionics removal / install, Drive system components, Emergency and fire detection / ehaustion equipment, Environmental Systems, Fuel cells and related components, and Lighting systems.

  • Crew chief (auto racing), the head person on a race team who directs both the driver and pit crew
  • Crew chief (Ford Automobile Product), Part of the Ford Work Solutions Package see Ford Sync
  • In emergency medical services, a crew chief is the most senior caregiver on an ambulance
  • In baseball, a crew chief is usually the most experienced or senior Umpire (baseball) in a game
  • In the National Basketball Association, the crew chief is the lead official (basketball) in a game

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