Crescent City

Crescent City is the name of the following places in the United States:

  • Crescent City, California
  • Crescent City, Florida
  • Crescent City, Illinois
  • Crescent Mills, California, formerly named Crescent City

Other uses:

  • "The Crescent City", a nickname for New Orleans, Louisiana
  • "Crescent City" (song), a song about New Orleans by Lucinda Williams
  • Crescent City Radio, an Internet radio station based in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Crescent City Records, a record label
  • Crescent City, 1848 schooner built in Medford, Massachusetts
  • Crescent City, 1906 steam schooner, formerly the Jim Butler

Famous quotes related to crescent city:

    On me your voice falls as they say love should,
    Like an enormous yes. My Crescent City
    Is where your speech alone is understood.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)