Cornish - People


  • Abbie Cornish (born 1982), Australian actress
  • D. M. Cornish (born 1972), Australian fantasy author
  • Francis Evans Cornish (1831–1878), Canadian politician
  • Fred Cornish (1876–1940), Wales international rugby player
  • Harry Cornish (1871–1918), English cricketer
  • Jessie J (born 1988) (real name Jessica Cornish), English R&B and Soul recording artist
  • Joe Cornish (comedian) (born 1968), British television personality
  • Joe Cornish (photographer) (born 1958), British landscape photographer
  • Jon Cornish (born 1984), Non-Import Canadian Football League player
  • Robert E. Cornish (1903–1963), controversial American researcher
  • Samuel Cornish (1795–1858), African-American Presbyterian minister
  • William Cornish (disambiguation)

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