Cordillera de Yolaina Natural Reserve

Cordillera de Yolaina Natural Reserve is a nature reserve in Nicaragua. It is one of the 78 reserves that are under official protection in the country.

Protected areas of Nicaragua
Natural Reserves
  • Alamikamaba
  • Apoyo Lagoon
  • Asososca Lagoon
  • Bismuna Raya Lagoon
  • Cabo Viejo-Tala-Sulamas
  • Cerro Apante
  • Cerro Arenal
  • Cerro Banacruz
  • Cerro Cola Blanca
  • Cerro Cumaica-Cerro Alegre
  • Cerro Guabule
  • Cerro Kilambé
  • Cerro Mombachito-La Vieja
  • Cerro Musún
  • Cerro Pancasan
  • Cerro Quiabuc-Las Brisas
  • Cerro Silva
  • Cerro Wawashang
  • Chiltepe Peninsula
  • Chocoyero-El Brujo
  • Cordillera de Yolaina
  • Cordillera Dipilto and Jalapa
  • Cosigüina Volcano
  • El Arenal
  • Estero Padre Ramos
  • Estero Real
  • Fila Masigüe
  • Juan Venado Island
  • Kligna
  • Kukalaya Lagoon
  • La Máquina
  • Layasika Lagoon
  • Limbaika
  • Llanos de Karawala
  • Llanos de Makantaka
  • Macizos de Peñas Blancas
  • Maderas Volcano
  • Makantaka
  • Mesas de Moropotente
  • Mecatepe Lagoon
  • Miraflor
  • Mombacho Volcano
  • Nejapa Lagoon
  • Pahara Lagoon
  • Punta Gorda
  • Río Manares
  • Salto Río Yasika
  • Sierra Amerrisique
  • Sierra Quirragua
  • Tepesomoto-Pataste
  • Tiscapa Lagoon
  • Tisey Estanzuela
  • Tisma Lagoon
  • Volcán Maderas
  • Volcán Telica Rota
  • Volcán Pilas El Hoyo
  • Volcán San Cristóbal
  • Volcán San Cristóbal-Casita
  • Volcán Yali
  • Yolaina
  • Yulu
  • Yulu Karata
Genetic / Biosphere /
Biological / Forest Reserves
  • Apacunca Genetic Reserve
  • Bosawás Biosphere Reserve
  • Cayos Miskitos Biological Reserve
  • Indio Maíz Biological Reserve
  • Llanos de Apacunca Genetic Reserve
  • Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Yucul Genetic Reserve
Wildlife Refuges
  • Chacocente
  • Los Guatuzos
  • Río San Juan
National Monuments /
Parks / etc
  • Hurricane Mitch Victims National Monument
  • La Inmaculada Fort Historical Site
  • Masaya Volcano National Park
  • Solentiname National Monument
  • Somoto Canyon National Monument
  • Zapatera Archipelago National Park

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