Cora may refer to:

  • Cora people, an indigenous ethnic group of Western Central Mexico
    • Cora language
  • Cat Cora, an Iron Chef on Food Network's Iron Chef America
  • Tayfun Cora, Turkish footballer
  • Tom Cora, American cellist
  • Cora, an alternate name for the Greek goddess Persephone
  • Cora, shopkeeper in television commercials for Maxwell House coffee portrayed by Margaret Hamilton
  • Cora Walton, birth name of renowned Blues singer Koko Taylor.
  • Cora Cross, fictional character from the United Kingdom soap EastEnders
Other uses
  • Cora, formerly a separate genus of lichen, now synonymous with Dictyonema
  • Coronation Street, British soap
  • CORA dataset, free global oceanographic temperature and salinity dataset
  • Cora (rocket), a French rocket
  • Cora (hypermarket), a Belgium-owned hypermarket company operating internationally
  • Cora (restaurant), a Quebec-based restaurant that serve only breakfast and lunch meals
  • Cora (instrument), an alternative spelling of the West African musical instrument Kora
  • Cora, Wyoming, a census-designated place in Wyoming, USA
  • CORA, a typesetting language from Mergenthaler Linotype Company
  • Tropical Storm Cora (disambiguation)