In general a coordinator or co-ordinator, is a person whose occupation involves coordinating certain activities of others. The word may refer to:

  • In academics: one who administers the research and teaching activities of the other professors.
  • Coordinators, genetically engineered humans in the Gundam SEED series
  • Coordinating conjunction or grammatical conjunction
  • Coordinator Sprocket, a fictional character in Viewtiful Joe
  • Parenting coordinator, a mental health professional assigned by the Court to manage on-going issues in child custody
  • In the corporate world, "coordinator" can also be another name for an administrative assistant, or sometimes an employee slightly higher-ranking than an admin assistant. However, the term "Coordinator" can refer to a position within an organization or business with significant responsibilities for acting as a liaison between departments, stakeholders and information sources, which requires many non-administrative competencies. See facilitator.
  • Co-ordinator, one of the Belbin team roles