Cool Kids

Love" (Blue, Knight) – 3:07
  • "Cool Kids" (Golde, McIan, Steele) – 3:28
  • "Love Pollution" (Whiteman, Forsythe) – 4:04
  • "Body Talk" (Gilder, Herndon) – 3:39
  • "Loco-Emotion" (Purnell) – 3:30
  • "Mighty Mouth" (Purnell) – 3:43
  • "Nice on Ice" (Purnell) – 3:25
  • "Get Your Monkeys Out" (Purnell) – 3:20
  • "For Shame" (Purnell) – 3:11
  • "Restless Blood" (Purnell, Whiteman, Forsythe, Chalfant, Divens) – 3:50
  • Famous quotes containing the words cool and/or kids:

      While yet it is cold January, and snow and ice are thick and solid, the prudent landlord comes from the village to get ice to cool his summer drink; impressively, even pathetically, wise, to foresee the heat and thirst of July now in January,—wearing a thick coat and mittens! when so many things are not provided for. It may be that he lays up no treasures in this world which will cool his summer drink in the next.
      Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

      Some parents were awful back then and are awful still. The process of raising you didn’t turn them into grown-ups. Parents who were clearly imperfect can be helpful to you. As you were trying to grow up despite their fumbling efforts, you had to develop skills and tolerances other kids missed out on. Some of the strongest people I know grew up taking care of inept, invalid, or psychotic parents—but they know the parents weren’t normal, healthy, or whole.
      Frank Pittman (20th century)