Convention On The Rights of Persons With Disabilities - Reservations


A number of parties have made reservations and interpretative declarations to their application of the Convention.

Australia does not consider itself bound to stop forcibly medicating those labeled mentally ill.

El Salvador accepts the Convention to the extent that it is compatible with its constitution.

Malta interprets the right to health in Article 25 of the Convention as not implying any right to abortion. It also reserves the right to continue to apply its own election laws around accessibility and assistance.

Mauritius does not consider itself bound by the Article 11 obligation to take all necessary measures to protect people with disabilities during natural disasters, armed conflict or humanitarian emergencies, unless permitted by domestic legislation.

The Netherlands interprets the right to life in Article 10 within the framework of its domestic laws. It also interprets Article 25(f), which bars the discriminatory denial of health care, as permitting a person to refuse medical treatment, including food or fluids.

Poland interprets Articles 23 and 25 as not conferring any right to abortion.

The United Kingdom has reservations relating to the right to education, immigration, service in the armed forces and an aspect of social security law.

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