Conference Indiana

Conference Indiana (CI) is an athletic conference within the Indiana High School Athletic Association. CI is one four Indiana high school athletic conferences composed exclusively of Football Class 5A (largest class) enrollment schools. Conference Indiana was initially formed from the union of surviving members of the Central Suburban Athletic Conference (CSAC) and the South Central Conference (SCC) after the departure of members to the Metropolitian Interscholastic Conference (MIC).

Original membership included all six non-MIC township schools in Indianapolis (Decatur Central, Pike, Lawrence Central, Franklin Central, Southport, and Perry Meridian high schools). Also included were the four largest non-MIC high schools in south central Indiana at the time of conference formation: Columbus North, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, and Martinsville high schools.

Decatur Central and Martinsville left the conference to join the Mid-State Conference, citing travel issues. The conference has produced a number of NBA players all drafted in the 1st round including Jared Jeffries in 2002, Sean May in 2006, Courtney Lee in 2008, Jeff Teague in 2009 and Marcus Teague in 2012. Robert Vaden was takenin the 2nd round of the 2009 draft.

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