Commission For Energy Regulation

The Commission for Energy Regulation-An Coimisiún Rialall Fuinnimh (CER) is the independent body responsible for overseeing the liberalisation of Ireland's energy sector(CER) regulating the electricity and natural gas sectors in the Republic of Ireland. The CER was initially established as the Commission for Electricity Regulation under the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999. The functions of the CER along with its name were changed by the Gas (Interim Regulation) Act, 2002. Under that Act, its remit was expanded to include the regulation of the natural gas sector..

The CER is tasked with acting in the interests of consumers is to ensure security of electricity and gas supply, fair and reasonable charging, protection of the environment, and safety of electricity and gas supply.

CER operates a framework of national and EU energy policies which aim to create a European single electricity market that best meets the needs of Europe's energy consumers. It licences electricity and natural gas companies on a fair and equitable basis and sets performance standards which it enforces.

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