Collinwood Mansion

Collinwood Mansion is a fictional house featured in the Gothic horror soap opera Dark Shadows (1966–1971). Built in 1795 by Joshua Collins, Collinwood has been home to the Collins family and other sometimes unwelcome supernatural visitors since its inception. The house is located near the town of Collinsport, Maine, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Almost every resident of the town is too scared to even drive by the house due to rumors and legends. The house has more than 40 rooms, most of which are closed off due to lack of inhabitants and financial reasons, and more than a few secret passageways, including a room that is a gateway to a parallel time-line, a stairway through time, and one room that appears to be a play room to some, and nothing more than a linen closet to others. Most of the household activity is centered in the drawing room and foyer, and sometimes the kitchen, dining room, and study. Collinwood has, throughout its history, seemed to upset and anger its inhabitants and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to step over the threshold and through the enormous oak front doors. It has been the scene of much death, random violence, and other such misfortune. Most local people find it easier to just avoid it and the Collins family altogether.

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