Clockwork Entertainment

ClockWork Entertainment is an American record label established in 1997 as an independent and integrated entertainment house. The founder of ClockWork, Debbie Hammond graduated with honors from the University of Houston with a degree in Business, and established a career building and selling companies in the health care, computer software and entertainment industries.

ClockWork Entertainment’s first recording artist, TQ, had his first single released on July 4, 1998. The single went gold in less than five weeks, selling over 750,000 units in the U.S. alone. TQ has currently sold over 3 million albums and singles worldwide. Debbie Hammond discovered TQ after being given a compilation album by multi-platinum producer, Mike Mosley of Steady Mobbin’ Productions. Rights to distribute TQ’s album were sought by Sony, DreamWorks, Interscope, Arista, Warner and MCA.

The next act released by 2620/ClockWork Entertainment was the teen group Dream, with an album produced by Vincent Herbert. Sean “P.Diddy” Combs of Bad Boy Worldwide signed the group after a 15 minute meeting in Beverly Hills. Within six weeks of their first single, "He Loves You Not," produced by David Frank and Steve Kipner, Dream sold over a million units. Total album sales in the U.S. was over 2 million units, shortly thereafter.

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