Client(s) or The Client may refer to:

  • Client (computing), software that accesses a remote service on another computer
  • Customer or client, a recipient of goods or services in return for monetary or other valuable considerations
  • Client, in the system of patronage in ancient Rome, an individual protected and sponsored by a patron

In art and entertainment:

  • Client (band), a British synthpop band
    • Client (album), a 2003 album by Client
  • Clients (album), a 2005 album by The Red Chord
  • The Client (novel), a 1993 legal thriller by John Grisham
    • The Client (1994 film), based on Grisham's novel
    • The Client (TV series), a 1995–96 television series based on the novel and film
  • The Client (2011 film), a South Korean courtroom thriller
  • "The Client" (The Office), an episode of the television series The Office

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