Clariion (styled CLARiiON) is a discontinued SAN disk array manufactured and sold by EMC Corporation, it occupies the entry-level and mid-range of EMC's SAN disk array products.

Upon launch in 2008, the latest generation CX4 series storage arrays support fibre channel and iSCSI front end bus connectivity. The fibre channel back end bus offers 4 Gbit/s of bandwidth with FC-SCSI disks or SATAII disks.

The EMC Celerra NAS device is based on the same X-blade architecture as the CLARiiON storage processor.

The first CLARiiON was developed in 1992 by Data General Corporation, one of the first minicomputer companies. CLARiiON was an early commercial example of a RAID product and initially sold exclusively as an array with the company's Aviion line of computer systems. Realizing the enormous potential of storage arrays, Data General created a separate Clariion division and began selling the product as an OEM offering to its systems competitors. While this somewhat lessened the advantages of Aviion in the marketplace, and was a source of internal corporate friction, it allowed the company to sell higher volumes and popularize the brand. The strategy paid dividends as the company was acquired by EMC in 1999, primarily for the CLARiiON line of products.

In 2011, EMC introduced the new VNX series of unified storage disk arrays intended to replace both CLARiiON and Celerra products. Internally the VNX is labeled the CX5. In early 2012, both CLARiiON and Celerra were discontinued.

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