City of Clarence - Demography


As of the 2004 census, the population of the City of Clarence was 50,257, making it the 29th largest city in Australia. By 30 June 2010, it was estimated to have risen to 52,935. Of these, 40,177 were over the age of 15, and 7,862 were over the age of 65. The average age of Clarence residents is 40. 1,331 (2.7%) residents of the City of Clarence identified themselves as Indigenous Australians, an increase of 53 from the 2001 census. 51% of Clarence residents over the age of 15 were married, 12% were separated or divorced, 7% were widowed, and 30% never married.

The City of Clarence is a primarily residential city with 20,737 dwellings, although small scale manufacturing, agriculture, viticulture, retail and government administration are all prevalent. The majority of the residences (17,298) in Clarence are separate detached houses (90%), although 998 residences were attached housing (5%), 831 were flats (4%), and there was also 94 other residences which did not fall into any of these categories. There was an average of 2.5 persons per dwelling, and out of the 20,737 residences 1,532 or 7% were vacant. 37% of occupied dwellings were privately owned, a further 37% were mortgaged, 20% rented, and the rest rent-free or under some other form of tenure. The average house price in Clarence is A$ 310,000. The average weekly mortgage cost is $243, and the average cost of rent is $150.

The major sectors of employment are retail (20%), education (12%), health and Community services (12%), property management and business services (5%), and construction and trades (5%). The average weekly income of Clarence residents (August 2006) is $458, which is $60 above the state average. The median household income is $1,124, $92 above the states average, and proves to be an average increase of 8% from the 2001 average.

85% of residents of Clarence were born in Tasmania, similar to the state average of 83%. Of those, 92% identified as being Anglo-Celtic Australian. However this proportion has decreased by 1.1% from the 2001 figure. 91% of residents were Australian citizens, exactly the same as the state figure. Of those not born in Tasmania, the next most common birthplaces were England (1,996 or 4.0% of total), New Zealand (335, 0.7%), Scotland (288, 0.6%), Germany (228, 0.5%), and the Netherlands (182, 0.4%).

92% of Clarence residents spoke English as their primary language. Other languages identified as frequently spoken within the city were Greek (199 speakers), German (157), Italian (107), Spanish (80), and Dutch (60). 3,155 residents identified various other languages as regularly spoken within the city.

The most commonly identified religious beliefs amongst residents of the City of Clarence were Anglicanism (16,217, or 21%), Roman Catholic (10,610, or 19%), and Uniting (2,331, or 2%). 9,917 residents (20%) belonged to various other faiths, and 9,611 (or 5%) identified as having no religion.

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