Citizen Media

The term citizen media refers to forms of content produced by private citizens who are otherwise not professional journalists. Citizen journalism, participatory media and democratic media are related principles.

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Democratic Media - Background of The Term
... The idea of democratic media stems from the belief that media is a vital part of a democratic society “ First, media perform essential political, social, economic, and ... In such societies, media are the principal source of political information and access to public debate, and the key to an informed, participating, self-governing citizenry ... Democracy requires a media system that provides people with a wide range of opinion and analysis and debate on important issues, reflects the diversity of citizens, and ...
Berkman Center For Internet & Society - Projects and Initiatives - Citizen Media Law Project
... The Citizen Media Law Project (CMLP) is a project hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet Society at Harvard Law School ... assistance and resources to individuals and groups involved in online and citizen media ... To facilitate the participation of citizens in online media ...
Modes of Citizen Media - Video
... is an approach to and medium of participatory or citizen media that has become increasingly popular with the falling cost of film/video production, availability of simple consumer video cameras ... the work of Don Snowden, a Canadian who pioneered the idea of using media to enable a people-centered community development approach ...

Famous quotes containing the words media and/or citizen:

    The media have just buried the last yuppie, a pathetic creature who had not heard the news that the great pendulum of public conciousness has just swung from Greed to Compassion and from Tex-Mex to meatballs.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    In a period of a people’s life that bears the designation “transitional,” the task of a thinking individual, of a sincere citizen of his country, is to go forward, despite the dirt and difficulty of the path, to go forward without losing from view even for a moment those fundamental ideals on which the entire existence of the society to which he belongs is built.
    Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev (1818–1883)