Church of St Anne (Shandon) - Bells


The church is famous for its 8 bells due to the famous song "The Bells of Shandon" by Francis Sylvester Mahony. The largest weighs a little over 1 and a half tons and were created by Rudhall of Gloucester. To reduce vibration, they were placed in a fixed position. They first rang on December 7, 1752. They have been recast twice: both in 1865 and 1906. Today, visitors can climb to the first floor and ring the bells themselves.

The original inscriptions are retained on each bell:

- When us you ring we'll sweetly sing - God preserve the Church and King - Health and prosperity to all our benefactors - Peace and good neighbourhood - Prosperity to the city and trade thereof - We were all cast at Gloucester in England by Abel Rudhall 1750 - Since generosity has opened our mouths our tongues shall sing aloud its praise - I to the Church the living call and to the grave do summon all

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Famous quotes containing the word bells:

    This is the gospel of labour, ring it, ye bells of the kirk!
    The Lord of Love came down from above, to live with the men who work.
    This is the rose that He planted, here in the thorn-curst soil:
    Heaven is blest with perfect rest, but the blessing of Earth is toil.
    Henry Van Dyke (1852–1933)

    The bells they sound on Bredon,
    And still the steeples hum.
    “Come all to church, good people,—”
    Oh, noisy bells, be dumb;
    I hear you, I will come.
    —A.E. (Alfred Edward)

    See the wild birds on the wing,
    Hear the bells that sweetly ring,
    When you feel like singin’, sing—
    Keep a-goin’!
    Frank Lebby Stanton (1857–1927)