Christopher Street Pier

The Christopher Street Pier is a group of piers on the Hudson River waterfront of Manhattan, New York City -- Pier 42, 45, 46, and 51. The piers are at the foot of Greenwich Village's Christopher Street. They are part of Hudson River Park.

In common usage, "Christopher Street Pier" usually refers specifically to Pier 45 opposite W. 10th St., accessible by nearby highway crosswalks at the ends of both Charles St. and Christopher St. As of March 2009, the M8 bus still serves 9th St., West 10th St. and Christopher St.

Once a working part of the New York waterfront, the Pier had physically decayed by the 1980s and had developed a vibrant gay social scene for "cruising". Since renovations and opening of the Hudson River Park's new Greenwich Village segment in 2003, it has retained its role as a gathering place for gay youth from New York City and New Jersey who have been congregating at the pier since the 1970s.

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