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Meyer has presented several television and radio documentaries on diplomacy for the BBC, including Mortgaged to the Yanks (BBC Two/BBC Four 2006), Corridors of Power, How to Succeed at Summits, and Lying Abroad, all for BBC Radio 4 in 2006 and 2007. These were followed in 2009 by a BBC Radio 4 documentary series on the press called The Watchdog and the Feral Beast. He has most recently presented his BBC television series Getting Our Way. He frequently appears on news and current affairs programmes, for example, providing analysis for the BBC's coverage of President Barack Obama's state visit to Britain in May 2011. His latest project is a 6-part international documentary series for Sky Atlantic called "Networks of Power", the first episode of which was aired on 10 July 2012. The Guardian found the series "immensely watchable" and described Meyer as "Paxmanesque - quizzical, authoritative, faintly mischievous".

Meyer, when asked (in an interview with the BBC) "Which foreign government has the most influence on Washington?", unequivocally responded: "Israel." When he was then asked "And then?", he said, "Well, in the hit parade I think Israel is in a class of its own..."

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