Christian Cornelius Paus

Christian Cornelius Paus (born 18 October 1800, died 8 April 1879) was a Norwegian lawyer, civil servant and politician. He served three terms as a Member of Parliament between 1848 and 1861. From 1847 to 1874, he was the judge and magistrate of the city of Skien. He was governor of Bratsberg three times (1862–1863, 1864 og 1868–1869).

Belonging to the so-called patriciate of Skien, he was the son of ship-owner Ole Paus and Johanne Plesner (in her first marriage married Ibsen), and was the uncle of playwright Henrik Ibsen. He was both the half brother of Henrik Ibsen's father, Knud Ibsen, and the first cousin of Henrik Ibsen's mother, Marichen Altenburg.

He was the owner of the manor of Rising, which he inherited from his father, and a Knight of the Order of St. Olav. His daughter married the Professor of Medicine and personal physician to the King, Frans Christian Faye. They inherited Rising.

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