Christian Bradley

Christian Bradley is a video game artist and project manager. He has worked for game companies such as Interplay and The Dreamers Guild as a free-lance artist on video game titles. He teaches Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of California - San Diego, where he oversees the school's accredited bachelor's degree program for video-game artists.

Bradley served as the Academic Director of Game Art and Design (GAD) and Visual and Game Programming (VGP) at The Art Institute of California, San Diego between 2001 and 2011. He has served as a panel lecturer at conferences and conventions associated with the Game Development Industry and Higher Education including The Game Developers Conference (GDC), Austin Game Developer Conference and Siggraph.

Bradley entered the game development field as an Artist at "The Dreamer's Guild", located in Chatsworth California. While at The Dreamer's Guild, he worked under the tutelage of Bradley W. Schenck, the Art Director of the studio.

While a Game Developer Bradley worked in house at Interplay Entertainment, JVC Digital, The Dreamer’s Guild and The Collective. He worked on videos games as an artist, 3D Modeler and senior environmental artist at these companies before starting his own outsource business named “Cubicle Arts”. Cubicle Arts operated for 4 years, outsourcing game and art assets to major game development companies and game publishers. While overseeing Cubicle Arts, Bradley was credited with working on over 20 game titles for various platforms. Bradley and/or Cubicle Arts worked with game developers and game publishers including Activision, Interplay, Liquid Development, NFusion, Epic Games, Digital Extremes, Legend Entertainment and Lost Toys. Bradley and/or Cubicle Arts is listed primarily as a contractor or “additional art created by” on these titles.

While Cubicle Arts primarily operated as an art asset development house, a series of texture compilation CDs was created under the name in 2000 and 2001. A video series featuring Bradley and/or Cubicle Arts focusing on Photoshop texture creation techniques for game development was released by Desktop Images in 2000.

Bradley is an instructor of 3D Modeling and game art asset creation at The Game Institute, an online school dedicated to training students in advanced and beginning Game Development skills.

Bradley continues to stay in touch with the game industry through his position as an instructor of video game oriented subjects at The Art Institute of California, San Diego and The Game Institute. He recently developed a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment, based in San Diego, California aptly named SOE Mentor, an industry/educational partnership between SOE and AICA_SD currently offered through the Game Art and Design degree program at The Art Institute San Diego. Bradley has spoken on about the SOE Mentor program at various conventions related to Higher Education and Game Development including GDC, Austin GDC and the Autodesk University Conference in Las Vegas.

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