Chris Sabin - in Wrestling

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Cradle Shock (Cross–legged Samoan driver)
    • Double hammerlock piledriver – Independent circuit
    • Future Shock (Fisherman buster) – 2003–2005
    • Over Easy (Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack flipped into a DDT) – 2006
  • Signature moves
    • Bum Rush (Swinging side slam backbreaker)
    • Leap of Faith (No-handed suicide dive)
    • Multiple kick variations
      • Enzuigiri
      • Hesitation Dropkick (Running delayed low-angle drop to an opponent held in the tree of woe)
      • Running arched big boot to a cornered opponent
    • Running crucifix turnbuckle powerbomb
    • Suicide dive
    • Springboard tornado DDT
    • Tiger suplex
    • Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown
  • With Alex Shelley
    • Finishing moves
      • ASCS Rush (Spinning sole kick by Sabin followed by a superkick from Shelley and then finished with a simultaneous jumping enzuigiri by Sabin / superkick by Shelley combination)
      • Made in Detroit (Sitout powerbomb (Sabin) / Sliced Bread #2 (Shelley) combination)
      • Powerbomb (Sabin) / Double knee backbreaker (Shelley) combination – 2006–2007
      • Skull and Bones (Falling neckbreaker (Sabin) / Diving crossbody (Shelley) combination)
    • Signature moves
      • Aided dropkick
      • Aided snap swinging neckbreaker
      • Aided standing Sliced Bread #2
      • Air Raid (Sabin holds an opponent in a fireman's carry while Shelley hits a diving double foot stomp onto the prone opponent followed by Sabin hitting a fireman's carry takeover onto Shelley's knees or the Cradle Shock)
      • Backbreaker hold (Sabin) / Diving knee drop (Shelley) combination
      • Bullet Point (Baseball slide (Shelley) followed by a Hesitation Dropkick (Sabin) to on an opponent held in the tree of woe position)
      • Doomsday dropkick
      • Double and stereo enzuigiris to one or two opponents respectively
      • Double superkick to a seated or a kneeling opponent
      • Inverted atomic drop by Shelley followed by a running dropkick to the knees by Sabin followed by an inverted STF by Shelley followed by a running dropkick to the face of the opponent by Sabin
      • Irish whip by Sabin into a belly to belly suplex by Shelley, suplexing the opponent into his partner held in a tree of woe position
      • Kneeling side slam by Sabin followed by a frog splash by Shelley
      • Motor City Machine Guns Sandwich (Running arched big boot (Sabin) / Enzuigiri (Shelley) combination to a cornered opponent)
      • Reverse STO (Shelley) / Jumping enzuigiri (Sabin) combination
      • Simultaneous diving leg drop (Sabin) / diving splash (Shelley) combination
      • Spinning leg sweep (Sabin) / Spinning wheel kick (Shelley) combination
      • Springboard dropkick by Sabin into a reverse STO by Shelley
      • Standing inverted Indian deathlock surfboard by Shelley followed into a springboard diving leg drop to the back of an opponent's head by Sabin
      • Thunder Express (Inverted sitout side powerslam (Shelley) / Running cutter (Sabin) combination)
  • Managers
    • A. J. Pierzynski
    • Traci
    • Trinity
    • Angel Williams
  • Nicknames
    • "The Future"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Flowing" by 311 (CZW / ROH)
    • "Modern Oz" by Dale Oliver (TNA)
    • "Hail Sabin" (Cover of "Offbeat Bare Ass" by 311) by Dale Oliver (TNA)
    • "1967" by Dale Oliver (TNA)
    • "Party with the Motor City" by Dale Oliver (TNA)
    • "Motorcity" by Adam Skaggs (TNA)

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