Children's Court of Queensland - Other Members of The Court

Other Members of The Court

The governor may appoint a judge of the District Court of Queensland as a children's court judge. Judges are appointed based on their experience and interest in dealing with the children's court jurisdiction.

The governor may also appoint other district court judges to act as children's court judges.

The governor may appoint a stipendiary magistrate as a Children's Court magistrate. The governor may also appoint other stipendiary magistrates as acting children's court magistrates.

The following are appointed as Children's Court judges:

  • His Honour Senior Judge Gilbert Trafford-Walker
  • His Honour Judge John Elwell Newton
  • His Honour Judge Peter James White
  • His Honour Judge Philip Grahame Nase
  • His Honour Judge John Mervyn Robertson
  • His Honour Judge Clive Frederick Wall R.F.D.,E.D.
  • His Honour Judge Robert Douglas Pack
  • His Honour Judge Nicholas Samios
  • His Honour Judge Grant Thomas Britton S.C
  • Her Honour Judge Deborah Richards
  • Her Honour Judge Sarah Bradley
  • His Honour Judge Michael John Shanahan
  • His Honour Judge Alan Muir Wilson SC
  • His Honour Judge Walter Henry Tutt
  • His Honour Judge Milton Griffin SC

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