Children's Court of Queensland - Caseload


The Children's Court of Queensland as a whole (including Judges and Magistrates) dealt with 5,431 juveniles in 2005–06 compared with 6,996 in 2004-2005. This represents a 22.4% decrease in the number of defendants.

There was a 9.8% decrease in the number of juveniles appearing before a Children's Court Judge. Furthermore, there was an overall decrease of 29.3% in the number of charges brought against juveniles in Queensland in 2005-2006, at 1,771, down from 16,656 in the previous year.

According to its Annual Review, unlawful entry with intent and theft (and related offences) accounted for 44.1% of all charges.

Children's Court Magistrates disposed of 93% of juvenile cases in 2005-2006.

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