Children of Guiding Light - Jason Marler

Jason Marler

  • Samantha Stein (09/1996-12/1996; recurring)
  • Cody Arens (06/1998-08/1998; recurring)
  • James & Michael Mackonockie (08/1998-01/2002; recurring)
  • Ryan Marsini (02/2002; recurring)
  • James Kukinski (03/2002-07/2002; recurring)
  • Mick Hazen (04/2006; recurring)

Jason Frederick Marler is the son of the late Ross Marler and Christina "Blake" Thorpe Marler. He along with his fraternal twin brother Kevin Marler were born in September 1996. He also as two other siblings, older paternal half-sister Dinah Marler and younger sister Clarissa Marler. At the time of Jason and Kevin's birth, Blake believed that the boys had different fathers. Jason was believe to be Ross and Kevin believed to be Frederick "Rick" Bauer's child. It was later revealed that Jason and Kevin were both Ross' sons and that Annie Dutton who worked at the hospital switched the DNA too make it seem that Rick was the father of one of the babies.

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