Chief Blue Meanie - Personal Characteristics

Personal Characteristics

Like the majority of the Meanies in his army, the Chief is masked, with yellowed teeth, a navy blue woolly body (perhaps this is just a fur coat) and massive, paw-like hands with six claws on each. He is taller than most of them, however, and whereas the "common" Blue Meanies wear a hat reminiscent of Mickey Mouse's ears, his hat looks more like Goofy's. Also, whereas the "common" Blue Meanies wear orange and yellow striped stockings with mary jane shoes, he (and his sidekick, "Max") wears jackboots, complete with spurs: a pale blue boot on the right foot, a navy blue boot on the left. He has an unpredictable, if not split, personality, which sends him from apparently ladylike and friendly to raging and malicious- though no less buffoonish in either. He has a sidekick, "Max", who is often the victim of his abuse, from being punched to being shot. He also has a Meanie carry around a stool so that he can sit down whenever he likes; presumably, were he to fall on the ground it would be at the stool-carrier's peril. He also states (until the very end, when he starts warming to the Beatles) that "we Meanies only take 'no' for an answer", and gets extremely angry at the sound of the word "yes", even when being answered in the affirmative. Sometimes his own aggression gets the better of him and he needs to be revived with "nasty medicine", which makes him even more eccentric than he already is. He encourages his army of Meanies to be as unpleasant as possible, but later admits that his cousin is "the bluebird of happiness".

The character's looks and personality was a major influence on the producers of The Powerpuff Girls, in which one of the villains, an androgynous devil known as "Him", appears as a constant source of pain and annoyance to the girls, and shares several of the Meanie-Chief's mannerisms. Coincidentally, one episode of the show involves 'Rainbow The Clown', a clown character who ends up transforming into 'Mr. Mime', a mime who drains Townsville of color and turns petrifies everyone (eventually Blossom and Buttercup) until the Girls end up performing a musical number that undos all of the chaos created by Mr. Mime.

The Blue Meanies made background appearances in the South Park three-part episode "Imaginationland", in the Viral Video "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny", and a brief appearance in the Beatles Music Video "Free as a Bird".

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