Chicago Sun-Times - Awards and Notable Stories

Awards and Notable Stories

The paper has won eight Pulitzer Prizes.

1970: Tom Fitzpatrick, General Reporting

1971: Jack Dykinga, Feature Photography

1973: Ron Powers, Criticism

1974: Art Petacque, Hugh Hough, General Reporting

1975: Roger Ebert, Criticism

1982: John H. White, Feature Photography

1989: Jack Higgins, Editorial Cartooning

2011: Frank Main, Mark Konkol and John J. Kim, Local Reporting

Doug Moench was nominated for a Chicago Newspaper Guild Award in 1972 for his stream-of-consciousness story on violence in the Chicago subway system. In 1978, the newspaper conducted the Mirage Tavern investigation, in which undercover reporters operated a bar and caught city officials taking bribes on camera.

In January 2004, after a six-month investigation led by Tim Novak and Steve Warmbir, the paper broke the story of the Hired Truck Program scandal. After a Sun-Times article by Michael Sneed erroneously identified the perpetrator of the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech massacre as an unnamed Chinese national, the People's Republic of China criticized the Chicago Sun-Times for publishing what it called "irresponsible reports." The newspaper later silently withdrew the story without making any apologies or excuses.

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