Cheshire High School - Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

  • 1958 Harvey C. Barnum, Jr. - Colonel, United States Marine Corps and Medal of Honor recipient.
  • 1967 Ron Palillo – actor.
  • 1967 Paul Pasqualoni – Head Coach of the University of Connecticut football team.
  • 1974 Legs McNeil – journalist; co-founder of PUNK Magazine.
  • 1977 Sunil Gulati – president of the United States Soccer Federation; Economics faculty member at Columbia University.
  • 1986 Anjul Nigam – actor.
  • 1987 Brad Ausmus – Major League Baseball All Star catcher.
  • 1998 Adam Kaloustian – television producer.
  • 1998 Peter Zoppi - 3D Character Artist for Treyarch Studios in California

  • 2013 Atnafu Alemseged President of the Youth Communist Party of Afghanistan

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