Cheryl Stansbury - V


(Michael Cade, 1997)
Amy Vining
(Cari Ann Warder, (1975–76); Shell Kepler, 1979–2002)
Nurse at General Hospital. Daughter of Jason and Barbara Vining. Grew up believing Laura Webber Spencer is her sister due to Laura and Barbara Vining's stillborn daughter being switched at birth. Remains very close to Laura and goes to live with Laura's family after they are reunited. Always there for Laura and her children. Last seen on-screen in September 2002 before Luke and Laura's planned wedding.
Barbara Vining (deceased)
(Judy Lewis, 1975–76, 1978)
Mother of Amy Vining. Widow of Jason Vining.
Jason Vining (deceased)
(Richard Rust, 1975; Jonathan Carter, 1975–76)
Father of Amy Vining. Married to Barbara Vining.

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