Cheryl Stansbury - T


Marcus Taggert
(Real Andrews, 1996–97, 1997–2003; Mathew St. Patrick, 1997)
Former detective for the Port Charles Police Department. Son of Florence Campbell. Half-brother of Gia Campbell.
Jennifer Talbot (deceased)
(Martha Scott, 1985–86)
Strangled by Kevin O'Connor. Grandmother to Terry Brock. Left half her estate to Kevin.
Leopold Taub (deceased)
(Charles "Chip" Lucia, 1991)
Killed Avery Stanton. Married Irene Stanton. Forced Dominique Stanton into marrying him. Shot and killed by Robert Scorpio.
Diana Taylor (deceased)
(Valerie Starrett, 1969–77; Brooke Bundy, 1977–81)
Daughter of Beth Maynard. Mother of Tracy and Martha Taylor. Formerly married to Owen Stratton. Wife of Peter Taylor. Dated Phil Brewer and Joel Stratton. Accidentally killed by Alice Grant.
Peter Taylor (deceased)
(Paul Carr, 1967; Craig Huebing, 1969–79)
Psychiatrist at General Hospital. Foster parent of Steven Webber. Married to Diana Taylor and Jessie Brewer.
Jackie Templeton
(Demi Moore, 1982–83)
Investigative reporter who showed up in Port Charles looking for her sister Laura Templeton at the same time that Laura Spencer had been kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine. Was involved with Robert Scorpio until he married Holly Sutton-Scorpio.
Laura Templeton
(Janine Turner, 1982–83)
Disappeared when two other Lauras disappeared. Sister of Jackie.
The Ancient One
(Keye Luke, 1985)
Older Chinese man from the Asian Quarter who tried to help his people win their freedom. Became friends with Robin Scorpio. Grandfather of Yank Se and Tei Chung.
The Body
(Michael Garfield, 2011)
Subject/photography model for Robert "Franco" Frank in his loft as he prepared to interrupt the wedding of Jason Morgan and Sam McCall.
Asher Thomas (deceased)
(Larry Poindexter, 2005)
Doctor at General Hospital. Attempted to murder A. J. Quartermaine and Jason Morgan. Shot and killed by Jason Morgan.
Crane Tolliver (deceased)
(Wiley Harker, 1983)
Once married to Lila Quartermaine. Blackmailed the Quartermaines. Murdered Susan Moore. In 2012, it was revealed that A. J. Quartermaine had been living under the alias "Crane Tolliver" since 2008 to keep people from finding out he was alive.
Ellen "Ellie" Trout
(Emily Wilson, 2012—)
Lab technician at General Hospital. Helped Damian Spinelli run a DNA test on his friend Sam Morgan's deceased infant son and discovered that the baby who died and they thought was Sam's was not her son.
Evan Tucker (deceased)
(Unknown actor)
Married to Resse Marshall. Father of Jamie Tucker. Shot and killed by Ric Lansing in self-defense.

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