Cheryl Stansbury - S


Kate Salor
(Whitney Sloan, 2003–04)
Heart transplant patient who befriended Maxie and Georgie Jones.
Maria Sanchez
(Mercedes Colon, 2005)
Lover of Lorenzo Alcazar. Mother of Diego Alcazar.
Juan Santiago
(Valentino Moreno, 1994–95; Michael Saucedo, 1999–2001)
Biological son of Miguel Morez and Lily Rivera Corinthos. Adopted son of Mrs. Santiago and Armando Santiago. Dated Emily Quartermaine. Cousin of Sabrina Santiago. Left for South America in 2001.
Sabrina Santiago
(Teresa Castillo, 2012—)
Student nurse at General Hospital, has a crush on Dr. Patrick Drake and clashes with Dr. Britt Westbourne for his affections; cousin of Juan Santiago.
Murphy Sinclair
(Brad Rowe, 2010)
Ex-lover and ex-fiancé of Brenda Barrett. Lived with Brenda in Rome, Italy. Worked as an actor.
Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio
(John J. York, 1991—)
Port Charles Police Commissioner. Co-owner of "The Outback". Partner in Jones/Scorpio Private Investigations. Brother of Robert Scorpio. Uncle of Robin Scorpio. Adoptive father of Maxie and Georgie Jones. Ex-husband of Felicia Jones.
Robert Scorpio
(Tristan Rogers, 1980–85, 1987–92, 1995, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2012—)
Brother of Mac Scorpio. Father of Robin Scorpio. Formerly married to Anna Devane. Estranged husband of Holly Sutton-Scorpio. Former WSB agent, originally presumed dead in a 1992 boat explosion. Resurfaced in 2006 to help quarantine a virus that broke loose in Port Charles. Left town but returned a month later to arrest Luke Spencer for a bounty that had been placed on his head by Markhaam Island authorities. Left town again in November 2006, but reappeared in 2008 on General Hospital: Night Shift with cancer and was treated by Patrick Drake. Robert returned to Port Charles in late 2008 for his daughter Robin's wedding, and then again in 2012 when she was believed to have died in a lab explosion. Left again after refusing to go to his daughter's "funeral" to search for Ethan, for what Luke and Holly "admitted" to be Robert's long lost son.
Robin Scorpio-Drake
(Kimberly McCullough, 1985–96, 1997, 1998–99, 2000, 2004, 2005–12, 2012—)
Daughter of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane. Sister of Leora Hayward. Mother of Emma Scorpio-Drake. Was raised by her uncle Mac Scorpio after her parents were presumed dead in 1992. Contracted HIV from her first love, Stone Cates, who died soon afterwards. Robin left Port Charles after revealing that Jason Morgan, her then-boyfriend, was not the father of Carly Corinthos' son Michael. Went to medical school in Paris, then returned in 2005 to consult on Jason's brain injury. Married to Dr. Patrick Drake. Was presumed dead after a fire in February 2012. It was later revealed that she is alive and being held captive by Dr. Ewen Keenan on orders from Jerry Jacks and Cesar Faison, who was posing as Duke Lavery.
Hannah Scott
(Lisa Vultaggio, 1999–2001)
FBI agent sent to gather evidence on Sonny Corinthos, whom she later fell in love with. Daughter of Roy DiLucca.
Joseph Mitchell "Scully" Scully Sr. (deceased)
(Robert Miano, 1994–95)
Father of Joe Scully, Jr. with wife, Marie Scully. Grandfather of Trey Mitchell. Sonny's number one mentor. Kidnapped Lucy Coe. Shot Mike Corbin. Killed Sonny Corinthos' stepfather Deke Woods. Killed by Sonny Corinthos when he had to choose between Luke Spencer or Scully.
Joseph Mitchell "Joe" Scully Jr. (deceased)
(Richard Steinmetz, 2012)
Son of the late Joe Scully, Sr. and Marie Scully. As the result of rape, fathered Trey Mitchell with Kate Howard. Responsible for the death of John McBain's sister, Theresa. Hid in New Orleans for nearly twenty years, supposedly a legitimate businessmen. Rival of Sonny Corinthos and John McBain. Died From his wounds after being shot by Jason Morgan in a shootout.
Rebecca Shaw
(Natalia Livingston, 2009)
X-ray technician at General Hospital. Biological twin sister of Emily Quartermaine. Sold on the black market when she was an infant. Adoptive daughter of William and Nancy Shaw, biological daughter of Hank and Paige Bowen. Came to Port Charles to get Emily's inheritance after her death. Dated Lucky Spencer. Dated Nikolas Cassadine as part of a plot hatched by Ethan Lovett. Moved to France when she learned of Nikolas' affair with Elizabeth Webber.
Colton Shore
(Scott Thompson Baker, 1988–91)
Cousin of Lucy Coe. Briefly married to Felicia Jones.
Charlene Simpson
(Maree Cheatham, 1987–91)
Con artist. Mother of Colton Shore and Eric Simpson. Aunt of Lucy Coe.
Eric Simpson
(Brandon Hooper, 1991–92)
Con artist. Cousin of Lucy Coe.
Alexander "Zander" Smith (deceased)
(Chad Brannon, 2000–04)
Son of Cameron Lewis. Ex-husband of Emily Quartermaine. Ex-lover of Elizabeth Webber and Gia Campbell. Had a son, Cameron, with Elizabeth Webber. Fatally shot by police.
Damian Smith (deceased)
(Leigh J. McCloskey, 1993–96)
Son of mob boss Frank Smith. Hit over the head by Justus Ward and died of smoke inhalation in a fire. Tried to destroy Bobbie and Tony Jones' marriage.
Frank Smith (deceased)
(George Gaynes, 1980; Mitchell Ryan, 1993–94)
Mobster. Kidnapped a pregnant Laura Spencer. Killed by Luke Spencer.
Jennifer Smith
(Lisa Marie, 1980; Roseanne Arnold, 1994; Sally Struthers, 2002)
Daughter of mob boss Frank Smith. Sister to Damian Smith.
Shirley Smith (deceased)
(Michael Learned, 2010)
Terminal cancer patient at General Hospital. Became a friend and mentor to Elizabeth Webber.
Iris Sneed
(Mary Stein, 2006; Wendy Braun, 2006–07, 2008)
Administrator at General Hospital.
Filomena Soltini (deceased)
(Argentina Brunetti, 1985–87)
Housekeeper of Anna Devane and Duke Lavery. Surrogate grandmother of Robin Scorpio. Murdered by Grant Putnam.
Jade Soong
(Tia Carrere, 1985–87)
Granddaughter of evil mastermind Wu. Sister of Kim. Married to Dr. Yank Se Chung.
Kim Soong (deceased)
(Steven Leigh, 1985)
Grandson of evil mastermind Wu. Brother of Jade. Worked for Wu.
Joseph Sorel (deceased)
(Joe Marinelli, 2000–01)
Gangster. Rival of Sonny Corinthos. Father of Angel Sorel Ellis, who later killed him.
Aiden Spencer
(Adrian and Brett Ritter, 2010–11; Titus Jackson, 2011–12; Jason David, 2012—)
Son of Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber. Originally believed to be the son of Nikolas Cassadine due to a paternity test switch by Helena Cassadine. Part of the Spencer family and Hardy/Webber family. Maternal half-brother of Cameron Spencer and Jake Spencer.
Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer
(Jacklyn Zeman, 1978–10)
Nurse and former prostitute. Sister of Luke Spencer. Ex-wife of D. L. Brock, Jake Meyer, Tony Jones, and Stefan Cassadine. Mother of Carly Corinthos. Adoptive mother of Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones and Lucas Jones. Grandmother of Michael Corinthos, Morgan Corinthos, and Josslyn Jacks. Part of the Spencer family.
Cameron Spencer
(Ashwyn Bagga, 2004–06; Braden Walkes, 2006—)
Son of Zander Smith and Elizabeth Webber. Maternal half-brother of Jake Spencer and Aiden Spencer. Adopted son of Lucky Spencer. Named after his biological grandfather Cameron Lewis. Part of the Hardy/Webber family and adoptive member of the Spencer family.
Jacob Martin "Jake" Spencer (deceased)
(Edward and James Nigbor, 2007–08; James Nigbor, 2009–11)
Biological son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber. Legal son of Lucky Spencer. Maternal half-brother of Cameron Spencer and Aiden Spencer. Paternal half-brother of Daniel Morgan. Grandson of Alan and Monica Quartermaine and Jeff Webber. Part of the Hardy/Webber family and Quartermaine family. Died in 2011 of injuries sustained in a hit-and-run car accident. One of his kidneys was donated to Josslyn Jacks, who was suffering from kidney cancer.
Laura Vining Webber Spencer
(Genie Francis, 1976–82, 1983, 1984, 1993–2002, 2006, 2008)
Ex-wife of Scott Baldwin and Luke Spencer. Mother of Nikolas Cassadine with Stavros Cassadine. Mother of Lucky Spencer and Lulu Spencer with Luke Spencer. Daughter of Lesley Webber. Member of the Spencer family and adopted member of the Hardy/Webber family. Was raped by, but later fell in love with and married, Luke Spencer. Fell into a catatonic state due to the belief that she killed her stepfather, Rick Webber, but woke up in 2006 and again in 2008. Moved to France in 2008 for treatment on her condition.
Lena Eckert Spencer (deceased)
(mentioned character)
Mother of Luke Spencer and Bobbie Spencer. Abused and then eventually killed by her husband Tim Spencer.
Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer
(Anthony Geary, 1978–83, 1984, 1993—)
Raped Scott Baldwin's wife Laura at the Campus Disco in November 1979, but later fell in love and married her. Father of Lucky Spencer and Lulu Spencer with ex-wife Laura Spencer, and Ethan Lovett with Holly Sutton. Part of the Spencer family. Sworn enemy of the Cassadine family, most notably Helena Cassadine. Ex-husband of Tracy Quartermaine. Longtime friend of mobster Sonny Corinthos.
Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr.
(Jonathan Jackson, 1993–99, 2009–2011; Jacob Young, 2000–03; Greg Vaughan, 2003–09)
Son of Luke and Laura. Brother of Lulu Spencer. Half-brother of Nikolas Cassadine and Ethan Lovett. Part of the Spencer family. Ex-husband of Elizabeth Webber. Biological father of Aiden Spencer with Elizabeth. Legal father to Elizabeth's late son Jake Spencer. Adoptive father of Elizabeth's son Cameron Spencer. Ex-lover of Sarah Webber, Summer Halloway, Maxie Jones, and Sam McCall. Widowed by Siobhan McKenna. Moved to Ireland in late 2011 after realizing he cannot be friends with Elizabeth.
Tim Spencer (deceased)
(mentioned character)
Father of Luke Spencer and Bobbie Spencer. An alcoholic. Abused his wife Lena Eckert Spencer and eventually killed her.
Damian Spinelli
(Bradford Anderson, 2006—)
Computer hacker who, for a brief time, worked for Lorenzo Alcazar. Now works for Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. Good friends with Sam McCall and Jason Morgan. Ex-lover of Jolene Crowell and ex-boyfriend of Maxie Jones. Used to have a crush on Lulu Spencer. Speaks his own language, giving the people he encounters nicknames (e.g., Jason Morgan is "Stone Cold", Carly is "The Valkyrie", and Sam is "The Goddess.")
Olivia St. John (deceased)
(Tonja Walker, 1988–90)
Daughter of crime boss Victor Jerome. Stalked Duke Lavery. Caused Anna Devane to miscarry due to a fall in a booby-trapped elevator meant for Duke. Killed by her brother Julian Jerome. Anna was put on trial for Olivia's attempted murder but was later acquitted.
Cheryl Stansbury (also known as Loretta Marie Crumholz) (deceased)
(Jennifer Anglin, 1988–92)
Half-sister of Tiffany Hill. Biological mother of Lucas Jones with Julian Jerome. Dated Robert Scorpio and had a crush on Shep Casey. Died in a car accident.
Rex Stanton (also known as Gustov Bautsh)
(Wayne Northrop, 1997–98)
Brother of Avery Stanton. Uncle of Dominique Baldwin, Danielle Ashley, and Katherine Bell. Ex-husband of Lucy Coe. Currently in prison.
Suzanne Stanwyck
(Adrienne Barbeau, 2010–11)
Real name is Stephanie Wayne. Close friend of Brenda Barrett. Later revealed to be the wife of Theo Hoffman, also known as The Balkan, and the mother of Aleksander Janacek (deceased), Brenda's ex-boyfriend whom she killed in self-defense. Grandmother of Alec Scott. Suzanne became close to Brenda because she wanted information on her son's death.
General Stark
(J.G. Hertzler, 1990)
Held General Hospital hostage in 1990 in order to get the bank account number of his country's President. Was the boss of Rico Chacone. Arrested while trying to escape the hospital after obtaining the bank account number.
Mischa Stephens
(Amanda Brooks, 2009)
Private nurse for Helena Cassadine. Formerly resided at the Cassadine Compound in Greece.
Dr. Joel Stratton
(Unknown actor, 1973–74)
Involved with Dr. Lesley Williams. Brother to Owen.
Owen Stratton (deceased)
(Unknown actor)
Brother to Joel.
Buzz Stryker (deceased)
(Don Galloway, 1985–87)
Doctor at General Hospital. Best friend of Jimmy Lee Holt. Briefly dated Anna Devane until Duke Lavery came to town. One of Robin Scorpio's three godfathers.
Sandy Stryker
(Yvette Nipar, 1986–87)
Daughter of Buzz Stryker.
(Dustin Nguyen, 1985)
Grandson of Olin. Helped Frisco Jones, Sean Donely and Robert Scorpio find Robin Scorpio and the black pearls in the Asian Quarter in 1985.
Grace Sullivan (deceased)
(Unknown actress)
Nurse at General Hospital. Drowned by serial killer Greg Cooper.
Holly Sutton-Scorpio
(Emma Samms, 1982–85, 1992–93, 2006, 2009, 2012)
Con artist. Daughter of Mary and Morton Sutton. Estranged wife of Robert Scorpio. Mother of Ethan Lovett with Luke Spencer. Estranged stepmother of Robin Scorpio. Dated Luke Spencer and Bill Eckert.
Louisa "Lou" Swenson (deceased)
(Danielle Von Zerneck, 1983–84)
Girlfriend of Blackie Parrish. Died of head injury.

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