Cheryl Stansbury - R


Bryce Ramirez (deceased)
(Douglas Morabito)
Police lieutenant in Port Charles. Killed by a car bomb which had been planted by the brother of a criminal he arrested.
Maria Ramirez (deceased)
(June Lockhart, 1984–86, 1988, 1990–92, 1998)
Grandmother of Felicia Jones. Owner of a Texan hacienda.
Burt Ramsey
(Bob Hastings, 1979–86)
Police captain in Port Charles. Becomes co-chief of police with Anna Devane. Also "Mr. Big", the leader of a money-laundering ring.
Coleman Ratcliffe
(Blake Gibbons, 2002—)
Runs The Floating Rib, previously known as Jake's Bar. Once hired by Helena Cassadine, his former lover, to kidnap Emily Quartermaine. Also gets involved with Skye Quartermaine and Kate Howard.
Kyle Ratcliffe (deceased)
(Andrew St. John, 2003)
High school classmate of Maxie Jones. Sleeps with Maxie and posts video footage on a website. Drug addict, and dies of an overdose.
Thomas Rayner
(Mark Pinter, 2008–09, 2010)
FBI agent charged with curtailing the mob in Port Charles.
Matt Reynolds (deceased)
(Jonathan Bouck, 1997)
Introduces Emily Quartermaine to drugs. Dies of an overdose. Revealed to have been receiving drugs from Pierce Dorman, whom Monica Quartermaine was having an affair with at the time, then supplying them to Emily.
Zoe Richardson
(mentioned character)
Younger half-sister of Maya Ward. Maya's mother is Faith Ward, with Zoe and Maya sharing the same father. Zoe's mother dies in a car accident in late 2009, according to Maya's letter.
Hernando Rivera (deceased)
(Ismael "East" Carlo, 1994–96, 1997)
Father of Lily Rivera Corinthos. Attempts to kill Sonny Corinthos in a car bombing, but his daughter is killed instead. Later shot and killed by Sonny.
Cruz Rodriguez
(Adrian Alvarado, 2005–08)
Detective for the Port Charles Police Department. Partners with Lucky Spencer.
Casey Rogers
(Bradley Lockerman, 1990)
Alien from the planet Lumina, befriended by Robin Scorpio. Searching for the crystal that will send him back home, found on Spoon Island with enemy Cesar Faison. The night he leaves, his doppelgänger Shep Casey is seen.
Dan Rooney
(Frank Maxwell, 1978–90)
Administrator at General Hospital. Gets involved with Jessie Brewer and Ruby Anderson.
Rosco brothers
(Douglas Morabito and Connor Ready, 2003–08)
Contract killers hired by John Durant.
Faith Rosco (deceased)
(Cynthia Preston, 2002–05)
Wife of Rosco, a member of the mafia. Co-owner of the Haunted Star Casino. Gets involved with Justus Ward. Kidnaps Michael Corinthos, Kristina Davis and Morgan Corinthos in 2005. Shot by a hitman hired by A. J. Quartermaine. Later appears to Carly in hallucinations.
Hector Ruiz (deceased)
(Reni Santoni, 2005)
Father of Manny, Mateo and Javier Ruiz. Mob boss from Miami. Murdered by Manny after he refuses to avenge Javier's death at the hands of Jason Morgan.
Javier Ruiz (deceased)
(Gonzalo Menendez, 2005)
Brother of Manny Ruiz. Son of Hector Ruiz. Dies in 2005 after he is shot by Jason Morgan in a stairwell at the Metro Court Hotel.
Manny Ruiz (deceased)
(Robert Lasardo, 2005–06)
Brother of Javier and Mateo Ruiz. Son of Hector Ruiz. Psychotically obsessed with Sam McCall, later shooting her in the stomach. Terrorizes Carly Corinthos. Kills John Durant and, indirectly, Reese Marshall. Infamous for terrorizing people and surviving several apparent deaths. Believed to be reformed after removal of a brain tumor by Patrick Drake, but eventually returns to his villainous ways. Manny dies in 2006 after Jason Morgan throws him off the roof of General Hospital.
Mateo Ruiz
(Robert Lasardo, 2006–07)
Brother to Javier and twin of Manny Ruiz. Mateo is a reformed gang member who becomes a priest. Shot by Jerry Jacks during the Metro Court hostage crisis in 2007, but survives.
Leo Russell
(John Callahan, 1984–85)
Partner in crime with Lorena Sharpe. Swindles wealthy women.

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