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Alan Quartermaine (deceased)
(Stuart Damon, 1977–2008, 2011, 2012)
Former chief of Staff at General Hospital. Son of Edward and Lila Quartermaine. Brother of Tracy Quartermaine, Jimmy Lee Holt and Bradley Ward. Married to Monica Quartermaine until his death. Father of A. J. Quartermaine, Jason Morgan, and Robert "Franco" Frank. Adoptive father of Emily Quartermaine and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Part of the Quartermaine family. Died as a result of numerous heart attacks suffered during and after the Metro Court Hostage Crisis. Haunted his sister Tracy Quartermaine because she altered his will after he died. Appeared to Monica on Christmas Eve in 2008 and then in a dream three years later.
Alan "A.J." Quartermaine Jr.
(Eric Kroh, 1979–83; Abraham Geary, 1983; Jason Marsden, 1986–88; Christopher Ren Nelson, 1988–89; Justin Whalin, 1989; Gerald Hopkins, 1989–92; Sean Kanan, 1993–97, 2012—; Billy Warlock, 1997–2003, 2005)
Son of Alan (deceased) and Monica Quartermaine. Grandson of Edward and Lila Quartermaine. Half-brother of Jason Morgan, Robert "Franco" Frank, and Dawn Winthrop. Adoptive brother of Emily Quartermaine and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Part of the Quartermaine family. Biological father of Michael Corinthos III. Forced to sign away his paternal rights to Michael after he was assaulted and blackmailed by Sonny Corinthos. Faked his own death to frame his ex-wife Courtney Matthews and then kidnapped Michael. Was injured after shooting his father in the back and ended up in the hospital, where he was thought to have suffocated by Dr. Asher Thomas. In 2012, A.J. suddenly returns from the dead in the wake of his brother Jason's sudden death.
Alexandria Quartermaine (deceased)
(Renee Anderson, 1981)
Niece of Edward Quartermaine. Was accidentally frozen to death in Mikkos Cassadine's ice chamber, along with her fiancé Tony Cassadine.
Celia Quartermaine
(Sherilyn Wolter, 1983–86)
Cousin of Edward Quartermaine. Once married to Grant Andrews and Jimmy Lee Holt. Best friend of Holly Sutton-Scorpio.
Dillon Quartermaine
(Scott Clifton, 2003–07)
Son of Paul Hornsby and Tracy Quartermaine. Maternal half-brother of Ned Ashton and paternal half-brother of Susan Hornsby. Part of the Quartermaine family. Aspiring filmmaker. He married Georgie Jones when they thought he was going to die, but later divorced. Their relationship ended when Dillon slept with Lulu Spencer, which resulted in her pregnancy and abortion. He tried to pursue a relationship with Lulu, but she told him they could only be friends. Dillon moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2007 to work as a director's assistant.
Edward Quartermaine (deceased)
(David Lewis (deceased), 1978–88, 1991–93; Les Tremayne (deceased), 1988; John Ingle (deceased), 1993–2004, 2006–2012; Jed Allan, 2004–06)
Chief Executive Officer of E.L.Q. Industries. Part of the Quartermaine family. Widowed by Lila Quartermaine. Was briefly married to Heather Webber. His great-grandson Daniel Edward Morgan is named in honor of him.
Emily Quartermaine (born Emily Bowen) (deceased)
(Amber Tamblyn, 1995–2001; Natalia Livingston, 2003–08, 2009)
Adopted daughter of Alan and Monica Quartermaine. Adopted sister of A.J. Quartermaine, Jason Morgan, and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Medical intern at General Hospital. Part of the Quartermaine family. Became engaged to Nikolas Cassadine again on the night of her death. Previously married to Zander Smith and Nikolas Cassadine. Strangled by the Text Message Killer (Diego Alcazar) in 2007.
Herbert Quartermaine (deceased)
(Will B. Hunt)
Cousin of Edward Quartermaine. Father of Quentin Quartermaine. Grandfather of Celia Quartermaine.
Lila Quartermaine (deceased)
(Anna Lee, 1978–2004)
Mother of Alan and Tracy Quartermaine. Grandmother of A. J. Quartermaine, Jason Morgan, Robert "Franco" Frank, Ned Ashton, and Dillon Quartermaine. Adoptive grandmother of Emily Quartermaine and Skye Chandler Quartermaine. Part of the Quartermaine family. Wife of Edward Quartermaine. Baby Girl "Lila" McCall (stillborn at birth) was to be named in honor of her.
Monica Quartermaine
(Patsy Rahn, 1976–77; Leslie Charleson, 1977—)
Chief cardiologist at General Hospital and board member of E.L.Q. Industries. Mother of A. J. Quartermaine and Dawn Winthrop. Adoptive mother of Emily Quartermaine and Jason Morgan. Grandmother to Michael Corinthos, Jake Spencer and Daniel Morgan. Widow of Dr. Alan Quartermaine. Part of the Quartermaine family. Former wife of Jeff Webber. Had an affair with Rick Webber and a brief fling with Ned Ashton, unaware that he was a Quartermaine.
Quentin Quartermaine (deceased)
(Allan Miller, 1987–88)
Cousin of Edward Quartermaine. Father of Celia Quartermaine.
Skye Chandler Quartermaine
(Robin Christopher, 2001–08, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Daughter of Rae Cummings. Once traveled to different cities to search for her father. Adoptive daughter of Alan Quartermaine. Adoptive sister of A. J. Quartermaine, Emily Quartermaine, Jason Morgan and Robert "Franco" Frank. Adoptive member of the Quartermaine family. Arrived in Port Charles after learning that her biological father lived there, who she believed to be Alan. However, in 2003, Alan's sister, Tracy, came back to town with evidence that Skye wasn't Alan's daughter. After the revelation, Alan legally adopted her, terminating her previous adoption by Adam Chandler. Briefly married to Jasper Jacks. Dated Luke Spencer. Was involved with Lorenzo Alcazar until his death. Mother of Lila Rae Alcazar. Left town with Lila Rae in 2008 to start a new life, later returning in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Tracy Quartermaine
(Jane Elliot, 1978–80, 1989–93, 1996, 2003—; Christine Jones, temp. 1989)
Tracy is the only daughter of the Quartermaine family. On several occasions, Tracy has been exiled from Port Charles by her family. Ex-wife of Luke Spencer, whom she originally married in 2005 after Luke placed $15 million into her bank account to get Helena Cassadine out of exile. In the past, she has been married to Larry Ashton, Mitch Williams, mob boss Gino Soleito (twice), and Paul Hornsby. Has helped Luke outwit Scott Baldwin on many different occasions regarding Laura Spencer. Forged Alan's will to make it appear as if he willingly left her the majority of his estate. Tracy is the current CEO of E.L.Q. Industries and the chief board member of General Hospital. Mother of Dillon Quartermaine and Ned Ashton. Widow of Anthony Zacchara.

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