Cheryl Stansbury - N


Peggy Nelson (deceased)
(Ann Morrison, 1971)
Strangled by Arnold Nelson in 1971. General Hospital's first death.
Lisa Niles (deceased)
(Julie Mond, 2009–10; Brianna Brown, 2010–11)
Ex-girlfriend and medical school classmate of Patrick Drake. Best friends with Louise Addison. Had a relationship with Terrell Jackson. Ex-lover of Johnny Zacchara. Obsessed with winning Patrick back and getting rid of his wife, Robin Scorpio. Stole Robin's HIV meds, tried to poison her I.V., broke into her and Patrick's home, kidnapped Emma, and jumped in front of Robin's car in an effort to make Robin look unstable. Held Robin, Patrick, Steven Webber, and Maxie Jones hostage in General Hospital. Shot Damian Spinelli. Eventually fell into a coma after being injected with drain cleaner, but woke up several months later. Threatened to inject Patrick with a syringe full of Robin's blood. Murdered in 2011 by Matt Hunter.

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