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Starr Manning
(Kristen Alderson, 2012—)
Former One Life to Live character. Daughter of Todd Manning and Blair Cramer. Part of the Lord family. Former girlfriend of Cole Thornhart and James Ford. Mother of Hope Manning Thornhart. Came to Port Charles for the trial in hopes for Sonny to get convicted. Attempted to murder Sonny Corinthos when she finds out he wasn't responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope. Resides in Maxie's apartment in Port Charles with a singing career managed by Johnny Zacchara and official singer for the Haunted Star nightclub. Dating Michael Corinthos.
Todd Manning
(Roger Howarth, 2012—)
Former One Life to Live character. Part of the Lord family. Identical twin brother of Victor Lord Jr.. Ex-husband of Blair Cramer and Téa Delgado. Former lover of Marty Saybrooke and Rebecca Lewis. Father of Starr Manning and Jack Manning with Blair Cramer and Danielle Manning with Tea Delgado. Was held captive in a cell as his twin brother, Victor Jr., was brainwashed and poses as "Todd Manning" for eight years. Escaped from captivity and reclaimed his life by killing his brother. Came to Port Charles to find that his daughter, Starr, is in the hospital. Attempted to murder Sonny Corinthos when he was bailed from the murder arraignment. Acquitted for murder and now resides in Metro Court in Port Charles with a new business, Manning Enterprises, a subsidiary of family corporation Lord Enterprises. Responsible for the baby switch of Daniel Morgan and Victor Lord III (stillborn).
Pete Marquez
(Eddie Matos, 2006–07)
Professor at Port Charles University. Good friends with Dr. Patrick Drake.
Jake Marshak (deceased)
(Rib Hillis, 1997)
Intern. Killed by serial killer Greg Cooper.
Reese Marshall (deceased)
(Kari Wührer, 2005)
Born Charlotte "Carly" Roberts. FBI agent brought in to handle the kidnappings of Sonny Corinthos' children in 2005. Fell in love with Sonny, but slept with his brother Ric Lansing. Was revealed to be Charlotte Roberts, Carly Corinthos' childhood best friend who was presumed to have died in a car accident and whose name she used when she first came to Port Charles. Died in a train accident in 2005.
Wendy Masters (deceased)
(Terri Hawkes, 1987–89)
Blackmailed Ned and Monica with a tape of their affair at the spa. Developed an obsession with Ned. Slashed Dawn's wedding veil. Was found stabbed to death and seated on a carousel horse after a police charity event. Before her death, she had been sneaking voice-altered tapes to reporter Shep Casey, which eventually helped Shep and Anna Devane discover the secret of Decker's past in Midvale.
Courtney Matthews (deceased)
(Alicia Leigh Willis, 2001–06)
Only daughter of Mike Corbin and Janine Matthews. Paternal half-sister of Sonny Corinthos. Best friend of Carly Corinthos. Ex-wife of A. J. Quartermaine, Jason Morgan, and Jasper Jacks. Ex-lover of Nikolas Cassadine. Part of the Corinthos family. Died during the encephalitis outbreak at General Hospital after giving birth to son Spencer Cassadine during an emergency C-section.
Janine Matthews
(DeLane Matthews, 2001–03, 2006)
Mother of Courtney Matthews. Grandmother of Spencer Cassadine. Tried to blackmail Edward Quartermaine. Casino employee and con artist who faked an affair with Edward Quartermaine. Moved to New Jersey.
John McBain
(Michael Easton, 2003–12 on One Life to Live; 2012— on General Hospital)
Police detective. Father of Liam McBain. Ex-husband of Blair Cramer. Ex-lover of Caitlin Fitzgerald, Evangeline Williamson, Marty Saybrooke, Kelly Cramer and Natalie Buchanan. Friends with Anna Devane and Sam Morgan.
Baby Girl McCall (deceased)
(mentioned character)
Stillborn daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Sam McCall. Part of the Corinthos family. Though never officially named, both Lila and Adela were considered. Maternal half-sister of Daniel Morgan.
Cody McCall (deceased)
(Stanley Kamel, 2003–04)
Father of Danny McCall. Adoptive father of Sam McCall. Ex-husband of Evelyn Bass. Stated to be the descendant of historical figure Jack McCall, assassin of Wild Bill Hickok. Posed as a butler to the Cassadine family. A con artist who taught his Sam how to salvage and run a con. Was hanged by his former business partner in the tunnels at Wyndemere Castle.
Danny McCall (deceased)
(Henri Lubatti, 2004; David Greenman, 2005–06)
Mentally handicapped son of Cody McCall and Evelyn Bass. Adoptive brother of Sam McCall. Accidentally killed his mother in a house fire. Was cared for by Sam, who ran cons to provide for him, after his mother died. Died during the encephalitis outbreak in 2006.
Colleen McHenry
(Amanda Tepe, 2006–07)
Nanny hired by Helena Cassadine to take care of Spencer Cassadine. Developed an unhealthy obsession with Nikolas Cassadine, later drugging him and his butler Alfred. Kidnapped Spencer Cassadine. Was sent to prison.
Angus McKay (deceased)
(Guy Doleman, 1986)
Father of Duke Lavery. Dated Mary Lavery. Drank poison to end a long war against the Jerome family.
Camellia McKay (also known as Sister Mary Camellia)
(Elizabeth Keifer, 1986–87)
Nun. Raised to believe she was the daughter of mobster Angus McKay. Camellia fell in love with Duke Lavery, who rejected her because he was secretly McKay's biological son. After learning she was adopted, Camellia left her order to pursue a relationship with Duke, but she failed to come between him and Anna Devane.
Janet McKay
(Lynn Wood, 1986–87)
Joshua "Skeeter" McKee
(Jamie McEnnan, 1987–88)
Son of Martha McKee. Brother of Melissa McKee.
Martha McKee
(Nancy Becker-Kennedy, 1987–89)
Friend of Bobbie Spencer who was confined to a wheelchair. Raised two kids, Melissa and Joshua McKee.
Melissa McKee
(Ami Dolenz, 1987–89)
Daughter of Martha McKee. Sister of Skeeter McKee. Foster daughter of Bobbie Spencer and Jake Meyer.
Meghan McKenna
(Teri Reeves, 2011)
Daughter of Thomas McKenna and Shannon O'Reilly. Sister of Fiona and Siobhan McKenna. Used to get Siobhan to work against Lucky Spencer and for the Balkan. Lucky and Siobhan saved her, and she moved to Spain to get away from the danger. Came back to Port Charles after Siobhan's death to find out what had happened and blamed Lucky for her sister's death.
Siobhan McKenna (deceased)
(Erin Chambers, 2010–11)
Daughter of Thomas McKenna and Shannon O'Reily. Sister of Fiona McKenna and Meghan McKenna. Helped Lucky Spencer evade capture from the Balkan in Ireland. Was kidnapped and nearly killed by the Balkan, but was actually working for him, against her will. Married to Lucky Spencer. Killed by Anthony Zacchara when he suffocated her with trimethyltin chloride.
Augusta McLeod
(Judith McConnell, 1973–75)
Nurse at General Hospital. Was sent to prison for murdering Phil Brewer. Had Peter Taylor's son in prison. Boy was adopted out.
Nanny McTavish (deceased)
(Helena Carroll, 1992)
Mother of Cesar Faison. Nanny to a young Anna Devane and Holly Sutton. Was killed by her son with a bullet that was meant for Robert Scorpio.
Peggy Mercer
(K.T. Stevens, 1963–65)
Socialite. Dated Steve Hardy and Roy Lansing.
Jake Meyer
(Sam Behrens, 1983–87)
Attorney. Ex-husband of Bobbie Spencer. Dated Rose Kelly. Resides in South America.
Diane Miller
(Carolyn Hennesy, 2007—)
Ex-Attorney of Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. Ex-lover of Max Giambetti. Good friends with Alexis Davis and Kate Howard. Partner with Alexis Davis and Claire Walsh in the Mason, Petrovich, and Miller Law Firm.
Farah Mir
(Rosie Malek-Yonan, 2008)
Mother of Leyla Mir.
Leyla Mir (deceased)
(Nazanin Boniadi, 2007–09)
Nurse at General Hospital. Slept with Dr. Patrick Drake. Had a feud with Dr. Robin Scorpio. Was friends with Nadine Crowell. Had one date with Damien Spinelli. Died after a biotoxin was released in General Hospital in 2009. Was engaged when she died.
Trey Mitchell (deceased)
(Erik Valdez, 2012-2013)
Biological son of Joe Scully, Jr. and Kate Howard. Grad student at Yale University. Former Producer of Kristina Davis' reality show, Mob Princess. Friend of Starr Manning. Ex-husband of Kristina Davis. Manipulated Kristina into marrying him to get to her father, Sonny Corinthos. Dies after being taken off life support, due to a car accident that left him brain-dead.
Alicia Montenegro
(Kelly Monaco, 2005)
Was expected to marry a man named Andrew Olsen by her mother Allegra. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall met her in 2005. She looked exactly like Sam, and so Allegra forced Sam to marry Andrew in her daughter's place. Andrew was killed and Sam was initially blamed for it, but then Allegra exposed her daughter and Alicia went to prison.
Allegra Montenegro
(Meg Bennett, 2005)
Mother of Alicia Montenegro. Kidnapped Jason Morgan and Sam McCall and forced Sam to pose as her daughter Alicia so that she could win Andrew Olsen's inheritance.
Marcella Montoya
(Lilly Melgar, 2003)
Former prostitute hired by Lorenzo Alcazar. Look-alike of Sonny Corinthos' first wife Lily Rivera.
Earl Moody (deceased)
(Unknown actor)
Brother of Kathleen Moody. Uncle of Patrick and Kevin O'Connor. Strangled to death by his nephew, Kevin O'Connor.
Susan Moore (deceased)
(Gail Ramsey, 1978–83)
Daughter of Mary Anne and Bert Moore. Cousin of Heather Webber. Birth mother of Jason Morgan and Robert "Franco" Frank, whose father was Alan Quartermaine. Killed by Crane Tolliver while attempting to blackmail Edward Quartermaine. Was married to Scott Baldwin.
Miguel Morez
(Ricky Martin, 1994–96)
Singer. Protégé of Lois and Brenda at L&B Records. Formally engaged to Lily Rivera, with whom he had a child named Juan when they were sixteen. Fled to United States to avoid a hit put on him by Lily's father, Hernando Rivera. Found B.J. Jones after her school van crashed.
Chloe Morgan (deceased)
(Tava Smiley, 1999–2001)
Distant cousin of Lila Quartermaine and Hal Morgan. Dated Jasper Jacks. Had a marriage of convenience with Ned Ashton. Killed by Stavros Cassadine.
Daniel Morgan
(Gage and Gavin, 2012; Jaxon and Jakob Kring, 2012—)
Only surviving child and son of Jason and Samantha Morgan. Part of the Quartermaine family and Cassadine family. Was switched at birth with Victor Lord III. Maternal half-brother of Baby Girl McCall and paternal half-brother of Jake Spencer.
Gertrude Morgan
(Donna Pescow, 1999–2001)
Trouble making aunt of Chloe Morgan who came to Port Charles to prove Chloe's marriage to Ned Ashton was invalid.
Hal Morgan
(Unknown actor, 1978)
Brother of Lila Quartermaine.
Jason Morgan (born Jason Moore) (deceased)
(Quin Carlson, 1982, Brian Beck, 1983–86, Steve Burton, 1991–2000, 2001, 2002–12)
Mob enforcer for Sonny Corinthos. Illegitimate son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore. Adoptive son of Monica Quartermaine. Fraternal twin brother of Robert "Franco" Frank. Biological father of Jacob Spencer and Daniel Morgan. Husband of Sam McCall; ex-husband of Courtney Matthews and Brenda Barrett. Ex-lover of Keesha Ward, Carly Corinthos Jacks, Elizabeth Webber and Robin Scorpio. As a result of being brain-damaged in a car accident, Jason has no recollection of his childhood and has mostly rejected the Quartermaine family and became Sonny's right hand mob enforcer. He took the surname "Morgan" to honor his grandmother Lila. In 2012, he was shot by Cesar Faison (who was posing as Duke Lavery) and presumed dead after being kicked into the harbor.
Samantha "Sam" Morgan
(Kelly Monaco, 2003—)
Daughter of Alexis Davis. Maternal half-sister of Kristina Davis and Molly Lansing. Part of the Cassadine family. Mother of Baby Girl McCall and Daniel Morgan. Adoptive daughter of Cody McCall and Evelyn Bass. Adoptive sister of Danny McCall. Wife of Jason Morgan. Ex-lover of Jasper Jacks, Sonny Corinthos and Lucky Spencer. Partner in the McCall & Jackal detective agency with Damian Spinelli.
Caleb Morley
(Michael Easton, 2013—)
Former Port Charles character. Father of Rafe Kovich, Jr. Obsessed with Rafe and Sam Morgan, because of her resemblance to his deceased fiancée, Olivia. In February 2013 it was revealed that Caleb Morley is actually a Serial Killer who escaped from a Mental Institution. Caleb Morley also known as Stephen Clay was former rock musician who had a psychotic breakdown after his wife Olivia died. After his wife died and during his psychotic breakdown he actually started to think he was a vampire and went on to murder at least seven people. Caleb was arrested but was found unfit to stand trial was sent to a Mental Institution but not long after Caleb escaped from the Mental Institution he went to Port Charles where his main goal would be to find Sam Morgan who looks like his deceased wife Olivia and to also find his son Rafe Kovich, Jr. and also during his time in Port Charles Caleb murdered at least three people and framed John McBain for his crimes.
Decker Moss
(Michael Watson, 1989–91)
Former bartender and co-owner of the club Body Heat. Half-brother of Colton Shore. Engaged to Dawn Winthrop before her death. Cousin of Lucy Coe.
Chase Murdock
(Ivan Bonar, 1966–71, 1973–79)
Caroline Murray
(Anne Wyndham, 1972–75)
Sister of Kent Murray. Niece of Jessie Brewer.
Kent Murray
(Mark Hamill, 1972–73)
Nephew of Jessie Brewer. Brother of Caroline Murray.

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